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This is the Celtic new year, when the veil is thin and our ancestors and dearly departed can come closer to us than usual. It’s the time of letting go of the old and let some new in. I have made a very small and quiet ritual just to say goodbye to some of my family that went to the Summerland last year, letting them know that I wont keep them or try to hold them here. Not that I think that there is anyone of us that really have done so, I’m pretty sure that they have moved on wherever they want to be. They can come and visit anytime they like and I’ve left some cake and apple outside for them, and anyone else that is friendly, to have some so they have energy enough to go back home again. The pumpkin was carved and lit and the trick or treaters (kids mostly) that celebrate Halloween as a more commercial and candy-day have been at the door.

A little odd thing was that one of my candles went out just as I said goodbye and ended the ritual so I could see the smoke rising from the hole in the skull, it is in the shape of a human skull actually. A small one, but it was so significant that this was sort of a goodbye and ending of the old. Now I can go on with our lives here at home and focus more on where we are going.

Gaian tarotSince daughter was so tired tonight I could start a little earlier with the spread I decided for tonight. It’s one of Joanna Powell Colberts spreads that goes with her Gaian Tarot and was presented in her blog last year, Whispers of the Ancestors: A Tarot Spread for All Hallows. Grabbed my Druidcraft and started shuffling it with that spread in mind.

First card is The High Priest for Offering: What or who is dead or dying, that you need to honor? Maybe it’s time to let go of the feeling of “Oh no! Not that card, I have such difficulties interpreting it!” No, I think it’s more of the feeling it raises in me, the fear of not having enough knowledge, of not be able to prove to myself and others that I can do this, I’m strong enough and good enough, that’s it. Time to put that thought away and not letting it come back again.

Second card turns out to be King of Swords for Challenge: What task does the Elder of Fire ask of you? Thinking and trying to figure out what this is all about then. There is a challenge in itself that this is a court card and those are also a little tricky sometimes. Time to learn more about the court cards perhaps? No, don’t think it is quite that easy. It’s more of asserting myself, another step from the first, to really go out there and show people who and what I am, what abilities I have. It mustn’t be running a marathon, but using my brain and intuition and show myself also that I have something to share.

Third card is Five of Wands for Center: Where do you find your center of power? In the middle of everything that seems to be chaotic and somehow needs to be taken care of or? Just joking around some, but there is a bunch of young boys or adolescents that are either training or play-fighting with each other while a black hen is calmly finding something to eat in the foreground. Or maybe I should leave that chaos to those who are in it and try to find my corn of truth and knowledge someplace else? Is that where I should find my center of power? Well, you’re not supposed to follow everyone else blindly but try to find your own way, so maybe there is my center then, doing like the hen, let everyone else do their thing and I do mine.

Fourth card is Ten of Swords in Opening: What new sweetness is wafting in on the scent of burning herbs? Well, I can’t see that anything pleasant could come from this card with this warrior laying face down in the grass with the swords in his back. But if we stop thinking of the negatives here and try to see something positive instead it could be that this time of feeling lost and lack of energy is now at an end. There are new winds coming in and soon this period of constantly tired, not in the mood for things and having a hard time with getting things done will be in the past. Time to move on, leave it behind and find new energy.

Fifth and last card, Three of Pentacles, Wisdom: What secrets does the ancestors whisper to you during this season of All Hallows? Well, to keep with the theme so far they are gently but firmly whacking me over the head with a bat or frying pan to tell me that I do have knowledge, I can use my abilities to make things and help people out my way and with my tools (whatever they might be). It’s just a question of going out there and let others see, be convinced that I’m good at what I do when I do it.

So, conclusion of it all is get your ass out there and show the world, and most importantly, show yourself, you can do it. It’s time and there is no excuses any longer. Just finding out what I’m really good at and find some way of using it for myself and others then. Any suggestions anyone?


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Magical Oils

Or, to be more exact, Llewellyn’s Complete Formulary of Magical Oils by Celeste Rayne Heldstab. It’s a wonderful book of a little more than 400 pages including bibliography and index. And before I continue I might as well tell you that this with recensions isn’t on my list of things I’m used to, so this won’t be by the book or with all the rules that probably goes with it. So with that said, on we go!

It’s one of those you will want to have as a work and reference book in your shelves, I promise you. There is a beautiful book blessing in it that I fell in love with and when you come to the contents pages you find it divided into three parts, and that is a great idea.

First one deals with Introduction, and we learn how Celeste came into this with oils, incense and the magical part of it all. She also gives us tips and most important of all, that not all oils are suitable for all times and situations, that some are toxic or should not be used at pregnancy. And she ends with the fact that we must believe in what we do, what we create. We also get some help with the measuring part, and why she uses parts instead of exact measure of drops or whatever you think it should be. We also get precautionary safety notes and lists of oils that should never be used and also things to consider while you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Part two deals with the oils and different blends and start with the elementals. She also tells us what and who they are and then there is a lot of different element related oil blends to try out. There is also for love, attraction & sex, different kinds of healing, chakras, psychic, spiritual, home and lots more. There is a reason for why it says on the cover that it’s more than 1200 recipes in this book. I will probably never try them all out, but it’s good to know that they will be there for me if I ever need one of them, or at least it will give me an idea of what sort of blend I can create myself.

Part three is all about oils, the carrier oils and their use in spells and such, we also find essential oil profiles, and popular oils. And we mustn’t forget the charts for Magical Intent and Herbal Correspondence Charts. Those are a great deal of help if you want to try out a blend of your own, or need something to replace another oil with.

Where might one find it if you would like a copy of your own? First start if you’re in the US would be her own shop Bayou Witch Incense, or if you are on Facebook you could look her up there. Ok, you’re not in the US? You still find it on Amazon.com and many other places or why not support your local bookstore and ask them to find it for you?

I’m also the happy owner of her The Kitchen Grimoire vol 1-5 thanks to one of my wonderful friends in the US. I can’t tell if it’s possible to get your hands on one of these, but if you do, and you love to cook or make soaps, finding fun things for Halloween, try to find them! You wont be disappointed.

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If you’re not into tarot you have never bothered to look at it, but if you are and have been around for a while you must have discovered it too. There are an endless line of spreads for all kinds of things around in books, in forums and webpages here at the internet, and probably lots more that people use privately and not sharing with anyone else. There is everything from a 1-card draw to using the full deck of 78 cards. Just find out what you want to use it for and how many cards you want to have in it, look around or create your own…



Tarot (Photo credit: paloma.cl)


I’m probably something of a geek here, I love to collect spreads for all things possible, or maybe not all. With time I’ve become a little picky and not saving everything I happen to stumble over. But I do have quite a collection, I guess it’s the same with books and decks, if you start it’s hard to stop. The funny part of it is really that most times when I do spreads I use a simple 5-card with cards in the four directions and one in the middle. Exceptions might be for special things and like now, for Samhain. And many spreads I find when friends of mine tries to find a solution to a problem or where they are in a special situation. And sometimes I really envy these creative and talented people who are behind many spreads, using songs, stories and what not as inspiration for a spread.


Lately I’ve found several interesting ones while reading and working with Around the Tarot in 78 Days by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin, but that isn’t purely for learning to do spreads, it’s also about working with yourself while you learn tarot too. Today I found a new one as I was working with the 2 of Swords, and that one is up for a try, but tomorrow and not while I’m getting tired, sitting here trying to write this and at the same time watching Ghost Hunters. Multitasking anyone?


Another place I like to go and find new spreads or variants of already existing is the forum at Aeclectic, Tarotforum.net, great sites for those of us that love tarot, you can find oracle decks there too. Just a fair warning, if you haven’t been there before and you are not a collector yet, watch out! If you weren’t a collector when you got there you might be when you leave the place… believe me, you can find lots of stuff and end up with a wish list as long as your arm! The sad part is when you fall in love with a deck that is out of print (oop for short). You might find a copy for sale in good condition, but it might have a price tag you’re not willing or able to pay at this time. I’ve been lucky really to have some oop decks (they weren’t when I got them) and some that’s been oop and I’ve got it for a fair price.


Have you any idea how hard it is to write,watch the tv and remember what you were trying to write? You do? Great! Then you don’t mind me ending this here? Night folks!


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Turned out the weather yesterday was better than I thought it would be, so me and one of my friends spent the day together having some fun. And as usual talking about just everything that comes to mind from personal stuff to what happens in the world at large. One thing we were talking about was ghosts. She’s not one of those big believers in all the stuff I’m into, but we share the knowledge that some things happens that we can’t explain with our logical minds. So what are those things happening then?


I’m not going to tell about her experiences since I haven’t got her approval of  it so you have to stick with mine. Being on Facebook and in some other forums there is a lot of comments about the veil, and it’s very thin this time of year. And for some of you this is something completely new perhaps. The veil is what keeps our world here and now from the world of our ancestors and others who has gone before apart, different dimensions perhaps is a way of describing it. It is said that around Samhain (or Halloween, All Hallows and so on) we are getting closer to each others “worlds” so to speak. And maybe that is why many feel and sense that there’s a lot more visitors now. But this year, as many already have said, it feels like it’s started earlier than usual. Or is it because humanity is getting more sensitive?


Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was a kid I was afraid of the dark, no unusual thing really, many kids are and we learn to deal with it. We find out that ok, bushes in the dark cast a shadow or move with the wind and it’s easy to imagine all kinds of monsters and terrifying creatures lurking there, but they are just bushes, a tree limb and so on. And even if you get a little scared of a sound or a movement you can most of the time find an explanation for it, a natural one. But when things happen that you can’t and the ones around  you, parents or other adults when you are a kid, just brush it off like it’s nothing, just your imagination or a bad dream? How can I handle it then? Today, as I’m older and have learnt so much more about things like this and myself, I can see that maybe not all of those things that really scared me as a kid was something that could be explained with plain logic. And since my parents wasn’t into any of this they didn’t want me to go around being scared of the dark, of shadows and sounds so they tried to give it a natural explanation. But how come that some things never really felt like it was right? That it was just a shadow, the remnants of a bad dream when waking up or just tired and seeing things because of that?


The latest thing happening in my home was that I woke up one night because my daughter was talking in her sleep (she was in my bed) and all of a sudden says “Go away!” and I figured she was dreaming since she was apparently asleep. But I turned around and cast a glance out towards the livingroom and the hallway and see a shadow of a man passing there and around the door to daughters own room he’s gone. Tried to see if it was something I did that created a shadow, no. Something outside that could have done that? No, if it had been a car or a flashlight of some sort it would’ve been completely different. Oh well, no use getting to worked up so I went back to sleep. Thought about it some during the day and nothing else happened until some days later when I was trying to make some order in daughters room before her birthday party. I found a book we hadn’t read for some time and took a break, sat down almost where I usually sit when I’m reading for her at bedtime, and all of a sudden it feels like someone is sitting on her bed, waiting for me to start reading out loud. The feeling was so strong that I almost expected to see marks on her bed from whoever sat there, but no, no such thing. Later that evening I sat down and tried to see if I could get in touch with this young man as I perceived him to be. I’m no psychic, no formal training yet anyway, so this is more or less touch and go and see if it works. I found out some things about why, but not who, and when he finally went with what I guess was a grandmother, it was a swirl of energy around me and then it was gone. I have no explanation or idea of what happened but hopefully one day I might.


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The cold goes on, but at least my voice is better. The not so fun part is the question of how extensive the leak from neighbor above have spread in our bathroom… just wait and see what they say. Positive side of it would be that if they have to tear down a wall and do something about the floor I will have a more or less new bathroom, I don’t mind that I can tell you!

A small forest close to my home


Besides that then. Today I’ve finally found some energy to continue working with the book Around the Tarot in 78 Days by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin. Realized I’ve only got 15 cards left until I have done all 78 cards, and most of the spreads they have there. I like the book actually, and many of the spreads are really interesting. I tried one today but I couldn’t really wrap my mind around the cards I got and the positions. For those of you who haven’t seen it or heard about it, it’s a really extensive book made for both beginner or the more seasoned tarot reader. My thought about it is that even if it’s done to take one card a day, as a complete beginner I would probably have to use a little more at least for some cards or exercises so I could grasp the idea completely.


Yay… not! It’s started to rain outside. I was so happy about the chill in the air, that lovely bite in the wind and the colors that changes from day to day. There was even some ice forming along the river, but now it’s going away. I sort of looked forward to having a walk tomorrow again, grabbing the camera and getting some lovely shots in some other place than I had today. No, not a pro when it comes to photography, but I like walking around and see what I can do with the camera as far as I can grasp the technology. Reminds me I need some new batteries before I use it next time… no batteries, no photo.

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Well, not exactly, I knew it was coming yesterday and hopefully it will start to go away now. And give me my voice back! It’s really hard to talk in the phone, for example, and try to repeat what you just said several times just because it’s so weak. Or, the famous part when you try to make your child listen to what you are trying to say… whether it’s dinnertime, don’t do that or whatever else.

Yesterday my daughter dropped a hat to one of my pens and we couldn’t find it at first. We looked at the floor, everywhere (as we thought) under the sofa and there is this positive thing happening. She found a missing card from my Robin Wood tarot deck, and I didn’t even know it! And I must have missed it several times when we took the vacuum to get the dust and crumbles from under it. But there it was anyway… and the Ace of Cups too. Maybe some of you wants to put a hidden message in this since it’s that particular card and it might be so. One never really knows what will happen and what messages are hidden in our every day lives and happenings. I’ve seen it and felt it myself from time to time, people calling shortly after you’ve been thinking of them, or an email perhaps. Something you really wanted to happen all of a sudden does… just coincidence or something more? You tell me, I know that some things really do happen that are hard to explain, and will continue to. However you want to explain it is fine by me, as long as we all can agree that we disagree from time to time without harming or putting others down for their belief or choosing not to believe. I don’t believe everything just because someone says it is so, and some things might take a little longer to grasp and accept but eventually if you give me some time, or let me experience it myself, I might agree with you. But don’t try to convert me to your believes or your path just because you feel it’s right for you, and you believe it should be for everyone else too. As a very special man said about religion in one of his books “No one religion is right for everyone.” Scott Cunningham in his book The Truth About Witchcraft Today when it came to the part of Wiccans not having missionaries, witnesses or things like that. And we can apply that to many other things in this world. Not everyone believes in ghosts, spirits, demons, mythological creatures and so on. But those who do, why ridicule them, just accept that they don’t believe the same as you do and go on with your life. Or, maybe ask them about this and get a very interesting new perspective on things.

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So, this isn’t my first blog, I’ve got one in Swedish too about tarot and nothing else but tarot. This one will perhaps be a little different, there will be tarot, no doubt about that, but I’m going to do whatever I feel like and tarot 😉

Most of us try to find something to be grateful for sometime during the day, or maybe when it’s about time to go to bed. But right here and right now, I’m very grateful this isn’t a v-log! It would be close to impossible. Why, you might ask. Two reasons… first is I’ve got a cold and I sound like a crow or having a whisky voice, whatever you like to call it. Second, the  neighbors on top have a water leak so they are drilling in their bathroom floor, I think most of you can imagine the noise here on and off during the day. I would be forced to shout (impossible right now) or taking a break every time they start over again. Sad part is that it’s probably  damage here too, just a question about how much it’s spread. Ok, guys up there, I have nothing against  you personally, but would you please stop now? I can’t hear myself think!

An early 20th century Hallowe'en greeting card

An early 20th century Hallowe’en greeting card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Besides those little bits of everyday life I’m trying to figure out what to do for Samhain (what most of you might refer to as Halloween). I’m planning on carving a pumpkin (motive still not settled), hopefully find some ideas for food too and besides that having candles and put the photos of my dad and my late husband on the altar. Otherwise not much, I’m not one of those that do rituals for everything, more like thinking of the sabbath or moon phase and trying to do some extras without things going hysterical in any direction. Depending on weather outside and how everyone is feeling (my daughter wont mind, question is about teenage sister of hers) we might go out for a walk and remember those who has gone before. If I can find a good story for what Samhain is about I will try to read that to them, and if there is a movie that’s not to scary we might see one or two.

And yet again, please guys, stop drilling!

Oh, mustn’t forget tarot! Just figure out what deck and what spread to use. Lucky for me it’s almost two weeks left. But I have a feeling I will use the spread Joanna Powell Colbert created for her Gaian Tarot… but one never knows. It will depend on my mood and what is happening until then. And a deck, well there is always the Halloween Tarot of course, if I don’t grab one of my usual decks, like Druidcraft. I won’t do any Ouija boards if anyone of you was thinking about that… I have enough visitors from time to time and I don’t need to put up a sign that, more or less, says “All and everyone welcome, feel free to enter”.

Well, that’s about it for now. The guys upstairs is slowly driving me insane and deaf, so I think I must find something else to do some place where it’s a little more peaceful… but I would really like to continue with the Around the Tarot in 78 Days by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin, requires some chance of hearing your own thoughts first.

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