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I found this somewhere on Facebook and I really felt it would be useful for everyday life.

Rowan tree

The Trouble Tree

The carpenter I hired to help me restore an old farmhouse had just finished a rough first day on the job. A flat tire made him lose an hour of work, his electric saw quit, and now his ancient pickup truck refused to start. While I drove him home, he sat in stony silence.

On arriving, he invited me in to meet his family. As we walked toward the front door, he paused briefly at a small tree, touching the tips of the branches with both hands. When opening the door he underwent an amazing transformation. His tanned face was wreathed in smiles and he hugged his two small children and gave his wife a kiss.

Afterward he walked me to the car. We passed the tree and my curiosity got the better of me. I asked him about what I had seen him do earlier.

“Oh, that’s my trouble tree,” he replied.” I know I can’t help having troubles on the job, but one thing’s for sure, troubles don’t belong in the house with my wife and the children. So I just hang them on the tree every night when I come home. Then in the morning I pick them up again.”

He paused. “Funny thing is,” he smiled, “when I come out in the morning to pick ’em up, there ain’t nearly as many as I remember hanging up the night before.”

Author Unknown

I think that even if I can’t use an actual tree all the time, oh yes we have trees around, I could at least try to leave my troubles and stresses outside the door and not taking them with me home and to my daughter. There will be less energies bouncing around here perhaps and adding to what is already here of things we think and worry about. Would be interesting to see if it makes a difference.


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Ok, I’m sitting here and just feel that whatever I was going to write just disappeared… such fun… not. But if I keep rambling it might come back, at least I hope so. I know it was some tarot, some a little on the witchy side and  then… something. Oh well, let’s start somewhere.



readings (Photo credit: 46137)


I don’t know if I said it before, but I have finally finished Around the Tarot yesterday, or if it was the day before that. Doesn’t matter, I’m finally done and can continue with something else. I don’t have to go far, I’ve got several books that are still unread. Since I was working with three decks and accompanying books it was easier to leave them at the table where I sat and it requires some space. But now they’re back in the shelves again. I’ve learnt some besides tarot, and that is not taking on a book that fast again. Next time I’m writing a blog about a book and working my way through it I will take just a couple a days a week, not every day to do it.


Now, I think I remember! It was one of these mornings, Saturday I think, when I woke up from a sort of eerie dream and I sure hope it will never become a reality. The dream was about me losing my mum and my daughter within a short period and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. And I was talking with some women that I apparently knew in my dream but have no clue of who they could be irl. My mum had been out for a walk and just died and my daughter, I don’t know, but something fairly unexpected too. In waking life I know that this fits exactly for my dad and my husband and how it felt when first one and then not even five months later there is a second one. But I could feel how lonely I was, not even my daughter left that was some sort of close family. I was really alone even if I had my friends. Not a dream I care to have a re-run of.


Just to get some idea of what the dream was trying to tell me I grabbed my Druidcraft and did a five card spread. For thought I got The Moon, action was Queen of Swords, emotion was The Chariot and physical/material The World, as spirit or wrap up I got 9 of Pentacles. So there was some stuff going on, on a deeper level with fear of losing those few family members I’ve still got, still things that I’m not really done with from last year and all other things going on in my life. Maybe not so strange with that dream then. Sorting things out and finding my way around again. Daughter on the other hand seems to be dreaming a lot of bad ones lately… being chased by people who use bow and arrow and someone with an axe trying to chop her in two was one of them…


Some positive stuff is that my mum got a buyer for her apartment and they want to move in as soon as possible. Ok, it will give us less time to help her get her stuff packed but, she will not be paying double rent for one or several months. And that is the main thing here and she will have time to get in order for the holidays ahead.


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I don’t know what to make of this week so far. I’ve heard others complain or just making a statement that life ain’t really going their way. Tired, headache, diffuse ache in the body and being emotional and having reactions on things that are said and done beyond the “normal”. Are we talking about this ascension that seems many talk about a little here and there, or is it this Mercury retrograde or just dark moon energies?

I can only talk for myself, Wednesday a headache that was close to a full-blown migraine and sooo tired I couldn’t stay awake when I had seen daughter off to school. It was a little better when she was back home and we made some dinner, but then that feeling of headache and no energy left came back. And as the sweet little darling she is, she went into the kitchen and made some warm milk for me and hoped it would make me feel better. It did get better, just about when it was time for me to find my bed. Thursday started without headache at least, but now it felt like I’d been doing some work-out or such, at least that is what my shoulders and back told me and today, Friday, it feels like a mix of Wednesday and Thursday. Tired and a hint of headache that threatens to become worse if I try to do much more tonight.

I’ve talked with a dear friend of mine that knows a lot more about things like these than I do and she’s feeling it too. But what are we going to do to find out what is going on? Anyone reading this who knows or have a clue? Or at least an interesting theory? I just want it to be over with so I can have some energy back and not feeling so drained. If I can dig up some energy tomorrow and nothing else comes in the way, I will do some sort of cleansing of my home and see if that can be of some help. And I hope the weather will be ok too so I could go out for a walk. That is part of the problem too, not being outside enough, but cold rain and then it’s slush and a thin layer of ice that’s just waiting for you to make a new interesting dance and impossible moves just because you don’t really fancy the idea of falling and hitting that wet and slippery ground.

Oh well, maybe time to finish this off since I really haven’t much more to say other than it’s time to be a little witchy in a couple of days and see if I can help my mum out and find some way she can get her apartment sold and at least come out of it without having a big depth waiting. And before I forget, it’s only another 4 cards to go now and I’ve done all of the Around the Tarot book! Really looking forward to when I can say it’s the last card.

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I sat here reading one of my earlier posts, Samhain, and suddenly a memory pops up. A memory that is both sad and fun at the same time… I had read some for my daughter who was in my bed as she had started to sleep there from the  first night when her dad went to hospital and never came back home in physical form. I guess many kids would do like she did, wonder what was happening when you die, where do you go, what does it look like? And sure enough, it was her dad, she was allowed to ask, had to ask, it’s part of the grieving process. So I tried to explain a little of how I look at it, that some people call it Heaven and I call it Summerland. That I see it as a beautiful place where nature is still untouched by man and we live in  harmony with all and everything.

One of the last photos of him

Since her dad, and my husband, was very much into bowling and most of all fishing, fly-fishing to be more precise, I told her that he probably had a bowling alley there somewhere and had lots of friends, old and new, that kept him company. He’s also out fishing and get big fishes, salmon, trout and all kinds of fish. And then I went on to tell her that those fishing lines wasn’t causing problems any longer. And in that same moment I could hear his voice in my head and I’m telling my daughter that “You know what your dad just said? He says that, Oh yes, they do!” And going from tears of sorrow over to a heartfelt laughter because she could recognize her dad in those words.

It’s hard writing those words now because they are painful but at the same time I know he’s ok, wherever he is, he’s ok. It’s the people he loved, and was loved by, that is having the pain and sorrow popping up now and then. But life does go on, one day at a time, and some days are better and some not as good. But we have to keep living, we can’t just lie down and stop living because we lost someone dear to us. We will not make anyone happier just because we stop living our lives. Feel the pain and sorrow, let the tears run freely and then when you feel better again, dry your tears and remember the good times and the love that you shared.

True words

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My growing Tarot collection

My growing Tarot collection (Photo credit: Le.Mat)

I started to wonder about when I got my first deck of cards and it must have been around 1992 or something like that, a Hanson Roberts. But my interest in tarot and everything around it started much earlier, it was just that I couldn’t find a way to get my hands on a deck and a book or two so I could learn to use it. Internet wasn’t anything we knew of then. So with taking my chances and causing the fire alarm to go off in this late hour I’ll try to figure out how many years it’s been since I started with an ordinary deck of cards just because it was interesting… what can I’ve been 11, maybe 12? So that makes it what? 30 something years, give or take. Things like this can make you feel old! And now I’m here at this computer, learning more about tarot, about myself and finding interesting topics and people to learn and discuss with. And I’m here with something like 30 tarot decks and more than 10 oracles and 2 sets of runes, seldom used, but I’ve got them. The photo could almost have been mine, but I don’t own any of those I think. Perhaps I should line them up and take a photo of my collection?

One thing is certain, if I ever have the chance to live in a house there has to be a room for my books, decks and other stuff so I can make space for them. As things are now I’m starting to stack books on top of each other and still I find more that I want. Yes, I’m a book-aholic, deal with it.

Lately, like last 3 or 4 months I’ve been working with one book and I finally start to see an end to it. I don’t mind the book, and I’ve mentioned it in a earlier post too, the Around the Tarot in 78 Days. Wonderful book, but now I want to move on to something else, maybe something non-tarot? Goddess knows I have several books that I haven’t read yet. But there are 7 more cards in the book and then I’m done with all 78 cards in it. Last days I’ve been working with trying to do some changes in my other blog, the one in my language, I think it’s in my links and if it isn’t, here’s the link for those of you that can understand Swedish Tarot – en del av mig (Tarot – a part of me). Part of the “problem” when it comes to taking time to finish it might be that I’m working with 3 different decks for this, just for the fun of it. Some comparing of cards between Druidcraft, Gaian Tarot and Dark Fairytale, and it’s interesting to see what they have in common and what new thinking they inspire me to do.

Author/Artist Lisa Hunt

Author/Artist Lisa Hunt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One thing I’m really looking forward to now is having that special order I made with Lisa Hunt. She had an offer out for her Animals Divine deck that is now out of print, there will not be any new releases of it as far as we know today. So I guess the price for one of these will go up quite a bit just because of that. With this one I will have a signed copy of her deck and book kit, one of those standard tarot bags, signed/collectible Celtic Dragon postcard, original pencil drawing and a greeting card. Me – a fan of Lisa? No, your kidding, ain’t you? LOL Yes, I am. She’s a wonderful artist, a sweet and humble person and I have all the decks so far. I also got two personal pencil drawings and two greeting cards that she’s made at different times. Worth every dollar I paid for them. They are one of a kind and I hope I can find something to frame the greeting cards with too so I can have them on the wall with the others. I know, I’m a tarot geek that loves art so that might be one of the reason for all the decks that I never use but don’t want to sell or give away either. I love the art, simple as that. Does that make me a visual person? Have to think about that maybe.

Hm, I see the time is running away with me again… not that I have to get up early tomorrow, but more like young one will wake up around 8am and probably wake me up too even if that isn’t her intention to begin with. But sooner or later she’ll ask what time it is, if it’s ok to call a friend, or she needs help to see a movie or whatever else.

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Me and mornings ain’t really on the best terms, not this day either. Felt really tired and this time of year it doesn’t get better with the fact that it’s still dark outside and will be for some time now. But at Yule, midwinter or whatever you want to call it, it will turn again and give us longer days again. Daughter on the other hand had one thing that she was looking forward to, they are going to take swim-lessons today with her class and when she discovered that there was snow outside she was really fast. But it is easier to get going with the snow, it brightens up the days so I hope it’ll stay. It kept snowing, big soft flakes for a couple of hours and then the sun came out a little so it’s been a good one so far.

As most of us know you don’t have to make special rituals or prepare things for hours just to feel connected with nature and everything around us so I decided that after I had a talk over the phone with one of my friends I was going to do some grocery shopping and getting a walk to refresh myself and just soak in some fresh energy. I grabbed the camera on my way out and this is one of the things I found

Not every year one can get a photo like this, mostly the birds have eaten all or most of the berries at this time of year. Things like these makes me happy, feeling closer to nature and the Goddess even if She is resting now in this part of the world. I kept walking and even if there is traffic close by I could still feel that fantastic feeling of my aura just expanding with this wonderful energy. Like I was twice as tall and expanded in all directions. Almost wondering how come no one seemed to see that radiance that should be almost visible. What I noticed a couple of seconds later was this, a rainbow that started to form in the opening among the clouds… magical this time of year.

We could try and pretend we don’t see all the stuff in the lower part of the photo, but I didn’t want to edit it either so… When I was done with my groceries the clouds had covered that spot too so I’m lucky I had a chance to see it. Wonder how many that actually saw it, or took the time to look. Usually we are in such a hurry, or at least we think we are, that we haven’t got the time to really look around and see the beauty in all that is. If you really try to you can find it in the most unusual and unexpected places. Rainbows are special if one start to read about them, it’s the trail behind Iris between heaven and earth, leprechaun’s and Bifrost, rainbow warriors and much more probably.

And that makes me think of things like energy around us. What a difference it makes with small changes, if you feel that an area in your home feels low and everything seems stuck there it’s hard to really feel something positive. And then you decide to do something about it and all of a sudden the same space is completely changed. The air is easier to breathe, you feel happier and things that’s been feeling so hard to do suddenly just do it by themselves more or less. I know I feel much happier and things are moving again, what has been stuck suddenly moves along. The same with this snow outside today, it makes more light when the days are shorter and that makes it special for me and many others. Probably why we persist and still live up here.

With this feeling of new energy (not only the coffee that kicked in) it will be fun to make some dinner today and maybe I even can find some inspiration to do those last cards from the book Around the Tarot in 78 Days. But now off to get daughter from school and preparations for dinner.


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This was on Facebook today and it sort of explains my day, or it’s very close at least. I had a lot of giggles and joking going on with the friend that had published it and apparently someone found out that it would be fun to put me into it… I wasn’t quite as amused.

Ok, I was tired today, the weather outside didn’t make it any better. So, I had decided yesterday that I would do something with chicken for dinner today and I knew exactly what too. Positive side of that was that I just had to take the chicken out of the freezer, check, and then today buy some salted peanuts. And that with nuts got my friend and me giggling again since we had just talked about getting old and slightly “absent-minded”. Since I wanted to be sure the chicken would be ok I made sure to have enough water, put everything on the stove and then went back to the computer waiting for it to start boiling. It never happened… guess why? You have to turn the heat on! Ok, heat on, check, back to computer. Daughter home for lunch and I made her something easy and not to advanced and planning on taking care of the dishes. While I do that I start to wonder why it’s going so slow with coming to a boil. Next problem. If you put the heat on lowest possible, it will take a looooong time before it starts boiling. Turn up the heat, check, back to dishes. Finally the chicken is done and I walk away to take care of the final things that was needed. Next problem arises… they’ve rearranged things in the store! Where is the peanuts? Hmmm, other end of the shelf they were before, but found it only after I asked one of the nice ladies working there. Ok, better think hard and see if there is anything else I forgot.

Back home and now, finally, starting with dinner. Chicken cut in smaller pieces, check. Bacon, check. Some paprika, check. Bananas sliced, check. Cream, curry, chili sauce, black pepper, some oregano and other things that wasn’t in the original version, check. Everything in place? Ok, in the oven, checking again it’s the right temperature and now wait for it to be ready to eat. So it seems that it wasn’t any more disasters. Just make sure the alarm is set for tomorrow. School starting again and none of us are a morning person so keep your fingers crossed and hope we wake up in time.

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