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Well, our version of the early stages of spring at least. If you by spring mean first green in the grass and that flimsy haze of green on trees and bushes, then we have to wait until later here. But it’s coming, it will come and it will go fast as usual. The positive side of things is that we have a lot longer days, almost an hour each week so it’s almost visible, the temperatures is a lot higher and the winds are blowing and that will surely make the ice break and snow thaw even faster. The flip side is when you are trying to take a walk outside, can become really interesting sometimes. Not knowing if you will have snow, ice or ice with some water on top of it to walk on. And how good balance and reaction you have. When you’re trying to regain that sometimes I suspect even an acrobat will envy you, at least as far as the landing. The landing is another chapter, and I don’t think anyone will envy you that one… doesn’t matter if it turns out ok or you end up with a broken bone or two in your body.

But the weather, the sunshine and a walk just have to be. I take my chances and get out anyway, and so far I haven’t made any really bad ones, tripping and almost falling yes, but still on my feet. Well, except yesterday when I was in the wrong place and got run over by a mattress, you know those that kids slide down the hills with? They gain quite a lot of speed with them and if you get hit from the behind you are getting a surprise. All of us made it, no one hurt just a little shook up and remembering to make certain no one is standing there next time and they making sure that people are aware of the fact that they are in the way before going down.

I suspect that today I will be carrying a lot of stuff made for easter… no ordinary school day today, no. They are making chickens and Goddess know what, but will be fun to see and perhaps get some of it up and use next year too. But then, on the other hand, there will be new ones added to the collection… bigger box, I need a bigger box for them.

I went grocery shopping today, no car and didn’t want to go by bus so I walked in this amazing weather. Easier to get by too since all others, at least those who was having time to do it, was coming with cars in all directions desperate for a parking space and milling around like lemmings inside trying to find everything that they think they will need for their precious Easter celebration. I don’t know that there are that many who actually celebrate Easter for any religious conviction, mostly do it out of habit and tradition and for good food, lots of candy and some days off. I took these photos to show what it looks like on the way there, and it’s just the beginning. Believe me , before some of those heaps of snow have disappeared there will be a small lake around that vicinity… not to mention the ice hiding there in the mornings and evenings when there is cooler temperatures before the sun  has a chance to melt some more. Have fun everyone, and be careful with where you put down your feet. I promise you, this ain’t the time for taking a bath! I’ve tried some years ago because of a driver who didn’t look where they where going and didn’t slow down when they passed a huge puddle of water just beside me. I’m still amazed that the water didn’t evaporate from me and my clothes… when I got back home to change clothes I was fuming. My husband was in the phone and didn’t get what had happened and I walked to work that morning, 2 km, and I think it was my personal best ever. Still with my hair wet and not in the mood for jokes.

Thawing snow

Thawing snow


What awaits us...

What awaits us…


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My plan was to publish this at the latest the day after Spring Equinox… didn’t happen since I misplaced the paper where I had my interpretations written down. But I found them in a heap of other more or less important papers, finally.

What was sort of fun when I started out was that I was looking at two different spreads, both have three cards in them, but finally I decided I would use this one. I have no idea who made it or whom to give credit to and I think it is called Spring has Sprung.


1. 5 of Cups – What needs to be put in the moist soil for growth this season?

2. King of Wands – What needs to be recycled this season?

3. The Sun – What needs to be composted this season?

Ok, this made me think some. What am I going to put in the moist soil for growth with a card like that? A man standing in a hooded robe with his back towards us looking out over a lake or stream looking very lonely and deep in thought. Behind him is a flat rock with two standing goblets and on the grass is another three tipped over and any contents spilled out on the ground. Maybe it’s time for me to really think things over, find out where I am both emotionally and mentally and take this time to really see what I still have and can make something out of.

Second card, what needs to be recycled is a mature man sitting on a carved wooden throne with a spear in his right hand and left arm leaning on the side of the throne. He is clad in bright red and blue and checkered trousers. His face is open and intent, looking at us, waiting to hear what we have to say. Perhaps it’s time to find that feeling of I know where I’m going and go for it again. Find that strength and being willing to lead my own life instead of just letting it slip by.

Third then, what needs to be composted. Another one that made me go huh? The Sun, this young child sitting on the back of the pony with the harp hanging along it’s side and the sun shining from a clear blue sky behind this childs head. What is it that’s supposed to be composted? Composted isn’t exactly the same as throwing things away, it’s letting it become something new and useful and part of the circle of life and death… going from seed to something you can harvest sometime in the future hopefully. Maybe it has something to do with changing my habits, getting outside and see the world instead of keeping more or less to myself. Going from being somewhat a hermit and get out in the world.

What made me giggle was when I looked at the other spread that I don’t know really who made either, but very easy to do.

Card 1 Say Goodbye to this

Card 2 Celebrate this now

Card 3 Say Hello to this

Using the same cards I could get another way of looking at things and the cards will still make sense to me.

First card is about saying goodbye to the sorrow, the hard times, whatever is holding me back emotionally so I can go on with my life in a better way. Second card is about celebrating the fact that I feel stronger, feel that I can make things happen and be someone at least to myself. Third and last is saying hello to the freedom and the love of life with the returning light, longer days and getting more energy. And on the flip side see where all the dust is collecting in odd corners that you don’t see when it’s a lot darker outside… but that will be taken care of too now that I can see where it is.

Just see what this will turn out like. And not forgetting Earth Hour tomorrow, try to find out something to do and enough candles to be able to see what we do. The days ain’t that long yet. And still lots of snow, here we wont be snow free until April or May something. But the days are beautiful with cold winds so it’s wonderful to take a walk as long as it isn’t along the river where the winds roam free. Then you need something warmer to wear.

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English: "Ostara" (1901) by Johannes...

English: “Ostara” (1901) by Johannes Gehrts. The goddess Ēostre/*Ostara flies through the heavens surrounded by Roman-inspired putti, beams of light, and animals. Germanic peoples look up at the goddess from the realm below. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spring Equinox, Vernal Equinox, Eostre, Easter and probably some other names I can’t come to think of now. But we are talking about the same time of year, even if Spring Equinox always happen at about the same time every year and the Christian Easter moves around quite a bit every year depending on the moon phases.What it all comes around to is the celebration of fertility, returning light, and in those parts of the world where there isn’t as much snow as here, it might already be some green grass and first flowers. But here the snow still rules, we have wonderful days when the sun shines and days when it’s grey and clouds cover our sky. And probably some very cold winds, but this is our early spring and I love every second of it. Well, not the freezing cold winds perhaps…

The name Eostre then, where does it come from. According to the sources I’ve looked at it’s a german Goddess that this sabbath got it’s name from. There is more to read at Witchology and Wicca Spirit and probably a lot more places if one cares to look around. What names this celebration has been called in earlier days, or if it was called anything at all, I don’t want to speculate about. For simplicity I call it Spring Equinox and everyone, pagan or not, will know what I’m talking about. The celebration, at this time or perhaps later depending on where one lived, was hoping for life to return, grass and seeds growing and later a good harvest. And for those living off what their animals could give, strong and healthy babies that will give milk, wool, meat and whatever else they could use. Make the Goddess/God or whatever powers, smile upon you and your neighbors for the summer and harvests to come so you would be able to survive. This is the time for birth and rebirth so no wonder they were trying to make a special point of it.




Easter postcard circa early 20th century

Easter postcard circa early 20th century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In many countries you talk about Easter Bunny, but that wasn’t a common concept where I grew up. We had chickens instead, still have. Eggs, branches decorated with feathers, chickens, hens and roosters. The fun when one was a kid to decorate those branches, maybe we had made some decorations of our own too and painting some eggs. I know someone in this family who’s looking forward to that, she’s already decorated and given me some lovely flowers. Not growing wild, nothing like that until late April or early May depending on weather and temperatures. So far we have to rely on what we buy in stores or if we have planted seeds that we can see have sprouted and hopefully will become something useful and beautiful later on. And the joy in knowing that this is something we have grown ourselves.




Not so fun things around this year might be colds, assorted twisted ankles, broken wrists and stuff because of the sun warming up the snow and suddenly you have ice, or slush that turned into ice when the night fell and you forgot it until morning. So far nothing worse than a cold, generously shared by my daughters loving hugs and kisses. Oh well, things that happens and I will survive as most other times. Now off to find some tarot spread related to this time of year and the sabbath. And if you want another link here is one to Ostara Countdown, could give some more ideas about Ostara.




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