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Robin Wood TarotOh yes, time for spring cleaning. Finally got as far as getting the couch out from the wall and starting to see what has been hiding underneath it. Some interesting finds besides dust, crumbles and the usual was one crayon, two pencils (all daughters) and something I didn’t even know was missing, the 3 of Cups from the Robin Wood deck! Otherwise nothing really new at our part of the world. Spring is taking care of things just fine and now we’re starting to reach the point where I wish the snow would just go away so it will be possible to walk outside without risking to either get really wet or break a bone or something… I don’t mind the daylight and the sunshine though.

But, how can you not notice that you are missing a card from a deck?! No problem really, I own about 30 decks and this isn’t one I use daily or even weekly. The strange thing is that this is the second time I have a card from this deck going to the same place. Last time it was the Ace of Cups. Why I don’t use it? Well, it’s a pretty deck, beautiful colors and all that, but it doesn’t work for me. I love the art, but like many of my other decks that’s all, it doesn’t speak to me. Some of my decks it’s just holding on and keep up with them when I look at the cards. With these I see pretty colors and a well known deck. Period.

I was trying to write something on my other blog, but no. Not possible to reach it, I can only hope whatever is wrong will be fixed soon or else I have to try and make a  new one. Or maybe not? I sort of like this one more now since it’s not only tarot but lots of other stuff too. So why should I make another one in my own language too? Anyone willing to give me a good reason or two? And just when I have written this and go and check again, it’s back. But for how long?

Had some fun yesterday evening. I was watching something on the tv and all of a sudden my daughter is coming into the room. She just stands there, looks around some and I ask her if she was going into my bedroom. No answer so I get up and ask her if she needs help with anything and just get the answer that she wants to show me something and walks back to her own room. Back there she surprises me with climbing back into her own bed, pulling the blanket up and snuggle down. I ask her again what she wanted and get the same answer, she’s going to show me something. Don’t ask me, I have no idea what it was supposed to be. Never got an answer. Obviously she was dreaming and was somewhere between the dream and awake, or maybe sleepwalking. She had no memory of it when I asked her today. Everything was ok and she ended up in my bed anyway some hours later, a little more awake that time and content with snuggling up behind my back and going back to sleep.


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