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Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, also known as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, there is such a thing as World Tarot Day, every year at May 25th since Den Elder got the idea in 2003. Since then it’s been just that. A day to show others that tarot isn’t something weird or women dressed in strange clothing looking at the cards with a crystal ball at their side and lots of jewelry, preferably mystical, and other strange things around to add to the mystical part.


What one can do on this day? Whatever you come to think of really as long as it’s a good thing. Myself? I don’t know really. If I had lived in a way that got me some privacy and still be able to be outdoors not far from home I would have done something like that. But now I’m torn between staying inside and keeping my cards safe or go outside and taking chances with curious kids and unpredictable winds. I’m not really looking forward to chase the cards all around really. Or I might do both, go outside and soak in some of this beautiful day outside (not forgetting sun-block!) and then get some cooler temperatures inside to enjoy my cards. Daughter is with some friends in Stockholm and wont be home until later this evening so I have this day all to myself. Bad thing is I sent the camera with her… I think we’ll need two soon. If I can find the money for the one I want she can have our old one. No disaster if she drops it and it breaks, it’s not new any longer.


And back to Tarot again. If you can’t find out what to do today you could always go here and take a look at Tarot Professionals site, get a free reading from Tarot.com if you like. This weekend the Tarot Garden offers a 15% discount on all orders. Mister Tarot also have a list of things to do on this day. I must say I’m tempted about Tarot Garden, but I just got Book of Shadows vol 2 and The Deck of 1000 Spreads by Tierney Sadler so I’m not sure I know what I would add to my collection or if I have the money for it. But I’ll take a look anyway. I can always drool, can’t I?


First of all I’m going to take a serious talk with that headache that is threatening my perfect day and then outside. Cards later and waiting to see what daughter have been doing all day if she doesn’t fall asleep when she’s home again. Woke her up at 6am something to get to the airport. So I guess my headache has something to do with first having trouble sleeping and then when she was finally outside the door I went back to sleep.

Have a wonderful day filled with Tarot, friends, family, or whatever you choose to do. Now I’m off to do something else besides staring at this screen!



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The good parts of Thursday was me getting things in a car and off to the Red Cross second hand shop, getting some things for mine and daughters bikes, helping my mum out with some things she also needed a car to get done and not to forget the absolutely wonderful weather.

Common Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus). Français :...

Common Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus). Français : Un Faucon crécerelle (Falco tinnunculus). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We went to the house my dad was born and raised in, it’s a lovely place and we’ve spent a lot of time there during the years. It was lovely to go out there, look things over properly to see what has to be done this summer, that it’s still standing and no more water running underneath the house. Flowers starting to show their tiny little faces and we could get some fresh air indoors with open windows here and there. I saw some bumblebees and butterflies, lots of birds and some of them were really upset because of some Kestrels, at least we think it’s those. Small ones and the color seems to be the right one too. It felt great anyway to get a lot of things done before young one was coming home from school and I know that I can continue cleaning out stuff we don’t need anymore and re-arrange things that are staying.

The not so fun parts then… petty probably but disturbing when all kinds of things ends up in fumbling and dropping and I don’t know why I had to break three nails in the process too! I’m not picky about my nails but when you split them lengthwise and not across. Blah! The other not so fun, but now looking back at it can become really funny was when I found some lovely pinecones from the big pine we have growing just outside one of the windows. I had been walking on the lower side and back of the house when I found those pinecones and was going to go the way I usually go on the upper side. What I forgot is that we did a lot of digging last year and still no grass there. But it looked fine so I started taking the first step, only to realise that I’m sinking in mud! And when I try to find my balance and get out of there I lose first one shoe and then the other. So, I said something not child-friendly and tried to get up on a drier part. Called out to my mum, who sensibly enough, had put on the right kind of footwear to go get my shoes from the mud. They where black, now they were mud colored… such a blessing to have our own well so I could fetch a bucket of water and get rid of most of it. And I can always be grateful I didn’t fall into the mud when my shoes stuck. I didn’t have any spares out there, I didn’t exactly think I would need any. I’m a grownup… or so I like to think when it comes to clothes, I’m not a kid that might stumble into something or get something sticky or wet on their clothes.

Here are some photos I took while out there, forgot to take one of my shoes stuck in the mud, had really been something





Oxalis acetosella L.

Oxalis acetosella L.

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So, we had amazing weather this weekend, summer all of a sudden. It didn’t stay, this morning it started out with sunshine and a blue sky just to slowly cover up with clouds and a chilly wind blowing. But no worries yet, it’s only May and beginning of June can also be cold up here. I’m not going to worry just yet, but I could use some sun and warm winds so my tomato can move outside and not stand on a chair in the kitchen and trying to get some glimpses of the outside.

On the other hand our days are growing longer and longer. I looked it up and in one week our days will be something like 55 minutes longer each week right now. No wonder the kids have a hard time understanding and accepting the fact that you have to come inside and prepare for the night. Why? It’s still light outside and as the weekend was with bright sunshine still at 8pm it’s not that easy. But there is still school for another 3 weeks so until then it’s early in bed if you will be able to stay awake the day after and remember what the teachers and your friends are talking about.

Birch May 28 2012

Birch May 28 2012

This photo was taken last year, also in May, but the 28th and this weekend it’s kind of exploded as it usually does. All of a sudden there is a green haze on the Birches and other trees have started to come too. There will be some kind of summer anyway!

A friend of mine announced her new blog, Photo By Tina, she’s having mostly photos but there might be some other things now and then too. She’s writing in Swedish but the photos doesn’t care about language. The only thing she wants us to do is asking for permission if you want to use any of hers, or if you want to buy them there is another link for that to Mostphotos. I really like what I’ve seen so far. Will be fun to see more of hers. And maybe I will have some more of my own to show here if I can find something that could be of interest of course.

Now for another project of the day. Lunch! My tummy tells me that there wasn’t much for breakfast so would I be so kind as to do something about it? Yesterdays leftover I think. Kerala curry chicken with rice, paprika, cucumber and some cherry tomatoes. Sounds good?

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Book of Shadows vol 2

Book of Shadows vol 2

Book of Shadows Tarot vol 2, So Below. So, I did buy this one, finally. It wouldn’t feel right to have just one out of the two in the box made for them. Or is that just an excuse so I could go ahead and buy it? It arrived just two days after I ordered it and my daughter was home from school with a fever so we took a look at the cards together. And yes, I grabbed my chance later to really look at the cards just me and in my own pace.

What are similarities and differences then? Same size, same back. Colors, and of course the pictures are different. The first one is blue and this one is some kind of green. Don’t make me give it a name, I have no clue what to call it! With this one there was a lwb (little white booklet) in the little box it arrived in, and the usual way the LS (Lo Scarabeo) deal with those. Short explanations in different languages and a spread that I couldn’t find in the book that went with the Book of Shadows Vol 1 that cover both decks.

The artists for the deck is different too and it shows, not bad at all, just different. If you like them or not I leave that to those of you who are working with them. This one has got more of everyday life around it, with a touch of pagan in it. The first one is beautiful and I love the way they did things, but I’m not very much into astrology, planets and such and that makes it real hard for me to understand, or remember, things that could come to use with it. This one is different and maybe I’ll find it easier to work with it since I’m not “stuck” in very different names for the cards and the things I mentioned above. So Below is more RW and that isn’t anything they try to hide either. They also mention in the LWB that “It focus on the way the spiritual, the Universal or the Divine do manifests in the material world and in our everyday lives.”

The Minor Arcana have traditional names for the suits as opposed to Vol 1 where they are called by the elements. Cups are Chalices and Pages are Knaves. Oh, and Strength is 8 and Justice is 11. It’s a lot of women in this deck, but a difference is that the courts in Swords and Wands are all female and in Chalices and Pentacles they are all male.

First spread with this one will be the Interview with a new deck:

Card 1 is 10 of Wands for it to tell more about itself and what it’s most important characteristic is. It shows a woman who might have worked late and now she’s going to unlock her door with the help of the light from her cellphone. In her bag there is three salamanders poking their heads up. How to interpret it? I would say that it puts the light on important things you have to deal with, what you have done and what you are about to do now. Calm and focused.

Card 2 is The Moon for what it’s strength is. This shows a woman who is in a pool of water and the moon shines down on her. In the foreground it’s a lobster and on the other side of the pool is a wolf that appears to be white. She seems to be very calm and sort of drinking in the moonlight and the feel of the water. It’s strength is to pick up on the emotions, whatever they might be, intuition and dreams on many levels. Not just what is obvious for the eye.

Card 3 is Knave (Page) of Wands for it’s limits. This shows another woman on her knees looking frightened or surprised over the salamanders that’s around her in her lap and on her arm and shoulder. They seem very harmless anyway. So, limits then. Something with being scared of things, it can’t tell you bedtime stories to ease your mind even if you rather would have those.

Card 4 is 7 of Pentacles for what it brings to the table, what it’s here to teach me. This is a young woman who is on a ladder harvesting apples from a big tree and on some limbs there are gnomes watching her approvingly. Ok, and what will this tell me then… that there is much to harvest in life, experience, knowledge, wisdom, whatever you want if you are ready to do the work to get there. Make some efforts and the learning will be there for me to grab.

Card 5 is 9 of Swords for how I can best learn and collaborate with it. A woman in her nightdress sitting on her bed with her eyes closed and trying to shut sounds out with her hands. Around her in the room is bats, bugs, spiders and a vulture. Outside the closed window is several fairies. Learn and collaborate with those!? To see behind the nightmares, thoughts that keep you down and giving you worries and anxieties.

Card 6 is The World for a potential working relationship. This card shows the decks Fool in a gold light happily walking around people in a big city. So I guess this working relationship can turn out quite well. It can give a lot of happy moments, insights and lighten up some truths and need to know along the way.

If the stalking owls have gone yet? Nope, so I’m obviously missing something… or they just like to make me wonder what is up.

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Stalked by Owls


Owl (Photo credit: JamesieAB)

Or at least it feels like it. It started out a week ago when I was with a friend of mine just walking around looking at things, planning for what would be fun to change at home if the money would allow it. And I found a tablet with owls, a pillow and all of a sudden there was a whole bunch of owls published on Facebook. This Friday I went to find a birthday gift for a young boy that I don’t know much about really. So what does boys in the age of 8-10 like these days? Help! Ok, off to a store where they sell toys for all ages and just to get my mind off it for a moment I went into another store where they sell flowers, pots, decorations and whatever one can have need of when it comes to that. And there is owls! Again.

So what’s about the owls then you might think. Sometimes when our brains start focusing on something you start to see them everywhere, nothing special about that, it will pass. It probably will, but as the geek, nerd, dork or whatever the label can be, I started to read from different sources and found some things about owls, or what they can symbolize in different cultures. In short they are about knowledge, wisdom, the darker aspects, the Crone aspect of the Goddess and things in that way. And my thoughts and feelings about it all was: Ouch! So, if we take it from the side of the owls really are telling me

Geek Nerd Dork

Geek Nerd Dork

something, giving me a message, it would be something along the way of “Get your butt out of there and start writing, start sharing your knowledge no matter if you think it’s nothing worth, that just about everyone can find that out in books, internet and all kinds of sources. But I use my words, my thoughts and feelings and that is the difference. Maybe someone out there reads my words, get an aha-moment because I use different ways of telling it, explaining?

Ok, whatever one wants to believe, I will try to pick up this with writing again. It has just felt that I had nothing to say, and when I had something to say I couldn’t get to the computer. But maybe, just maybe I can find some time now. At least before the summer really kicks in, then we’ll see what happens.

Now I’m off to ponder if I can afford Tierney Sadlers The Deck of 1000 Spreads or if I’m going to buy Book of Shadows Tarot – So Below. Just one of them or both?

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