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Yule, or any other name you prefer. Today here in Sweden, and I wonder how many that really is thinking about it or even remember that it is this very day. That the light will slowly return to our part of the world, slowly at first and then in big leaps. It’s 3pm here and it’s pitch black outside, would be if it weren’t for the street lights. And the tree inside that we put up today and hopefully the cat will leave alone. Time will tell. He tried to taste it, but plastic doesn’t taste any good I hope, but there is all the other interesting stuff in it that shines and sparkles and can be ooh so interesting and irresistable to a curious cat.

So now that the Sun is going to be reborn what would be better than try out a spread? I think I found a good one, The Halcyon Spread that Joanna Powell Colbert created some years ago. I’m sorry but I can’t find any link on her blog, but you at least know it is hers. On the other hand you can go and take a look and read the wonderful words she’s written for this day at Blessing of the Child of Wonder.

But here is the Halcyon Spread that I found on Aeclectic Tarotforum:



1-3 are for the year leaving
4 – 6 are the year ahead
7 is the fulcrum, the pivotal point, well, now, the Solstice

1 – what I need to leave behind
2 – what I need to learn from
3 – what I need to take forward
4 – an opportunity to watch for
5 – a challenge to face
6 – a message to keep with me through the year
7 – a snapshot of where you are now (interesting to see how 1 – 3 lead up to it and to imagine how 4 – 6 will flow forth from it)

I don’t know what made me choose one of the decks I’m really having a hard time with, but anyway I chose Book of Shadows Tarot – As Above for this spread just to challenge myself. And cheating a little by having the other one, So Below, as a comparison if I get stuck. I’m so not into astrology and all that so it isn’t even funny, hope you can survive my ramblings anyway.

Book of Shadows Tarot As Above

Book of Shadows Tarot As Above

So to begin with the cards for the year leaving we have

1 – What I need to leave behind – 6 of Air. This card shows a young woman sitting at a table with papers spread out around her and fairies flying about. At the front of the card we can see a thick Book of Shadows and a curious cat standing with its front paws on it. She seems to be working on something, or trying to sort her papers to put them into the book or something in that way. So what is it trying to tell me I need to leave behind then? All my worries about not getting things done and in the right order, that my life isn’t as well organized that I would like to sometimes. With a pet in the home there is bound to be a little more things around too. It might be time that I try to do get away from my “papers” and mentally planning things now too and get going with whatever needs to be done. The same card from So Below is a young girl laughing and running after a fairy, leaving the wasteland behind and crossing a path to a green and sunny place.

2 – What I need to learn from – 5 of Air. This is simply a palm of a hand where the major lines in it is glowing thanks to the fairies. It’s about palmistry, life, love, health and whatever else it might be. Another area I’m not at home with. Palmistry has never been my real interest either. But what should I learn here from the year that has passed? Life will go on no matter what we think or want really. The major areas of our lives will happen one way or the other. There is no use to stress and fret over things, just take things as they come and do the best you can with it. From the So Below deck you can see three women standing as if they have been in a competition and now they have gotten their prices. The one who won is happily holding up the sign for her victory, the second doesn’t seem to be very happy about it, not really accepting coming in a second place as if that isn’t good enough. If you don’t win you are not doing good enough. The third seems to be content with her place, maybe not all happy about it but accepting that this wasn’t her time and that next time she could do better. From all these three prices there are fairies coming out and all of them are happy.

3 – What I need to take forward – 4 of Air. This card is a dark alley or a pavement with some sort of fence on this mans left side. Behind him is what could be either a dark moon or a moon eclipse with just a dim streetlights at his back. There are fairies flying around  in the front with one holding a four leaf clover, another sits on a bird, the third on a cat and the fourth is beside a small stone or a nut/seed of some sort. What do I need to take forward? Trust my instincts and my intuition that I will find the right way in my life for the coming year even if it seems to be dark and I might be unsure of where I’m going. It’s been some tough times behind me but it wont be dark for all eternity, I have to believe that there will be better times and the light will come again, no matter if it’s the sun or the moon leading my way. In So Below we see a young lady sitting in an office of some sort feeling relaxed. Fairies resting a little here and there so this could tell me that I shouldn’t try to be on my guard all the time, just let life happen one step at a time and all will be well in the end. No one will thank me for wearing myself out.

The year ahead then?

4 – An opportunity to watch for – 10 of Fire. This card makes me really wonder what it wants to tell me. It’s glowing lizards lining the cards and we’re definitely out in space among the different star signs like Bear, Lion, Unicorn and many others. Who are they and what does this tell me? An opportunity to watch for, and that would be? All these are usually connected to stories, depending on where in the world you are. Some are really interesting. Is there something I’m being told about that could be an opportunity for me? The book says among other things: “…indicates that the events in question are cannot be changed and that there is a role that must be fulfilled on an action that must be taken. The actions we take in the face of unalterable facts define our nature and shape our character.” So if I’m using their interpretation for this there is something that will come my way and that I’m supposed to do in my lifetime. So Below has a woman on her way home from work perhaps. Trying to find the key hole with the help of her cell phone in the dark. Finishing off the work day and now home and perhaps eat some dinner, relax and do whatever one likes to do in their free time. Some salamanders are peaking up from her bag.

5 – A challenge to face – 3 of Earth. This card isn’t really what I associate with a challenge really. But who knows? There is one elf sitting on a leaf and on another one there is one standing eating a berry. Around them is flowers, some bees and on the ground you can see one elf sleeping and something that looks like potatoes almost but above ground. So what is the challenge? Balancing between doing what has to be done and finding time to just be and do whatever feels good, make things work together as a whole whether it is about people, animals or things that has to be done. In So Below we see a woman standing in front of her painting, maybe she’s done with it and just looking to see if there is anything else that needs to be added or changed. Two elf help her out at her table with cleaning brushes and making sure there is no paint left in them.

6 – A message to keep with me through the year – 2 of Earth. It’s a card with beautiful colors of a rising sun lightning the clouds from underneath and coloring both air and water in different pinks. At a shoreline with rocks and puddles of water we can see two elves, one is sitting and the other one is walking in the water on his way to something. There are some starfish on the rocks too so probably a low tide. The message to keep with me then, what could that be? Finding balance in my way of living and doing things. Letting water and earth find a balance without overtaking each other. In So Below there is a woman standing in a kitchen reading a recipe and stirring in a bowl. An almost invisible elf pours water in another container. Creating and doing things both because its fun and there will be an award in having it done when you can eat whatever you made there.

And finally the last card:

7 – A snapshot of where you are now – Ace of Earth. A pentacle with a human figure  on it and in each corner creatures and symbols for each of the elements and a streak of white energy coming up from the top of the pentacle. I am in the middle of things, I can go wherever I like and I have all the elements with me. Strangely enough there is some sort of balance here even if I don’t always feel like it is. I can be in complete balance and harmony if I only try to, because it’s there all the time for me. In the So Below deck we see elfs moving small rocks and a human hand picking up one of the rocks. Something begins to form, just a question of what.



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A friend of mine and I have planned, many times, that we would work with a deck we both have and try to get to know it and learn some on the way. So finally this might be coming to realisation. The deck we both have is Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert, so the next thing to solve is: what to do? We talked and came to the conclusion that we are neither of us a real newbie in these areas, and we didn’t want to work with too big a project either. So what to do yet again. Books, spreads, what? I have been doing tarot for a lot more years than she does and obviously I have collected more decks and more books. But we did come to think of the book Tarot for Yourself by Mary K Greer (tarot celebs wherever you look) and finally decided on “A story through the Suits”. The idea is to sort of create a story with the help of your cards and the Celtic Cross. I’m no big fan of the CC but it’s been some time since I worked with it and in this particular area it is an excellent tool.

Main Character - Guardian of Water

Main Character – Guardian of Water

First of all you would either choose a card from the Court Cards or pick one at random that would become the main character that this story will be about. I chose to pick a random card and found myself with the Guardian of Water (Queen of Cups in an ordinary deck). This mature lady in the water will tell her story for me, or something anyway. We’ll see if it turns out to be anything at all or if I’m getting completely stuck somewhere.

And on we go with or story/CC.

The Celtic Cross - what is in the story

The Celtic Cross – what is in the story

Cards 1 and 2 are Six of Air (Swords) and Five of Fire (Wands) and they will describe the conflict in this story.

Card 3, Nine of Water (Cups), represents something that our main character doesn’t know, which is at the base of the matter.

Card 4, Guardian of Earth (Queen of Pentacles), represents something from her past that must let go.

Card 5, Five of Water (Cups), represents what is on her mind.

Card 6, Elder of Earth (King of Pentacles), represents what comes next.

Card 7, Four of Air (Swords), represents the self-image of the main character.

Card 8, Three of Air (Swords), represents the environment.

Card 9, Ten of Earth (Pentacles), represents the lesson to be learned – what change the character must go through.

Card 10, Seven of Earth (Pentacles), suggests the ending.

Just to have some fun I looked at both bottom and top cards from the pile and found Child of Fire (Page of Wands) and Ten of Water (Cups). Maybe they will have something to add here?

Then it’s just making my mind up on how to write, what to write, other people and events that might be in here to make a story out of it. Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!

The Cat helping out

The Cat helping out

It wasn’t simple to come this far I can tell you. First I sat here watching the snow fall, not horizontally any longer, and trying to get the cards in order when I hear a funny noise from the kitchen. I had put some black and red currants to boil, I’m going to do some glogg (should be two dots over the o, I know, but it will look funny later perhaps when you try to read it) with them. So trying to get free from the table hitting my toes in one of the legs, jumping over a surprised cat and taking care of the smaller accident when it boiled over. So back to the cards, try to take some photos and not being happy about the light. Just to find “Santa’s little helper” come bouncing along and happily crash on top of the cards. He figured I needed to see and hear him instead of doing all that not so necessary stuff… why on Earth be in the kitchen and holding the camera when you can be with the cat?! As he hadn’t got all the attention he wanted before! To bad there wasn’t anyone home besides me, human that is, when I tried to first clear out his litter box and then wash my hair. Crouching to clean said litter box I just hear a grunt and then he’s behind my shoulders looking curiously at what I’m doing. Not the least interested in getting down I went over to the bath tub and started to wash my hair. No, not all of me was in the shower this time. And while I’m doing all the stuff with shampoo and that I can feel how he just started one of his favourite games – catch the tail! It’s not my idea of having fun, not when it’s my back he is putting those needle sharp claws in! I guess it must have looked really funny for a bystander, if it had been anyone there at the moment. So I hope you at least got a laugh out of it.


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I read in Gaian Soul, the blog by Joanna Powell Colbert, that James Wells had made a spread and dedicated it to her, Your Divine Gift. Since I happen to like both these people and find them awesome in their knowledge and how they apply it I wanted to try this spread out and here is the result of it. But first the problem with “Help! What deck will I use this time?!” I have so many and even if I do love Druidcraft it was no where to be seen at the moment. Either someone is playing a game with me or my eyes fails me. Well, I’ll find it when… oh, there it is. But now I sit here with Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding, a deck I might not have bought first hand to begin with, but since it was something I won I just had to try it out and learn more about it. So here it is.

Your Divine Gift

Your Divine Gift




1. What is my divine gift in this lifetime?

2. How can i graciously share it?

3. To what eminence can I rise by sharing this divine gift?

4. What brightness does this gift provide?

The divine gift is represented by Dreamer Prince – Gift of Liberty (Swords – Air). A card with yellow/green and blues. A male face resting in the hands in thought perhaps? Birds around him, or around his head and some flying off and beams of light or sunshine going out from his head too. So what is my divine gift? Listening and letting go of others thoughts and problems? Giving their mind wings to fly? Something with freedom and letting go, spreading some light over things. Or having lots of thoughts, dreams and wishes that I might not be able to fulfill for my own part, but for others. I’m the thinker, not really the doer of deeds.

How to share it then, and here we find Dreamer Seven – A Coward Betrays (Swords – Air). A card with a young man out in the night and the full moon lights up in the dark. He is surrounded by spirits in scary masks or if it is their faces. One is holding a dagger in his hand ready to strike this young man. They seem to be upset about something.And when I look closer there behind the tree it looks like someone is hiding. But why? So sharing my gift of thinking and all that, I should be open about it, not use or be used by others for the wrong cause. To take on my challenge and not let myself down by being scared of the things I cannot see or know so much about. Thinking of bad dreams, nightmares, and how they can make us feel when we are about to do things that we are not used to, or afraid of doing. Face my fears and go out in the open the best I can for the good of us all. Sharing my gift.

What good will it do sharing my gift with Warrior Four – Foundations Blessed (Wands – Fire). This is a different card from the previous. This is colorful and a lot happier, more open. You can see mountains and a blue sky dotted with clouds in the background. Two hands held against each other surrounded by fire meet above the entrance into a grassy hill. On each side of the entrance there is a tree and a woman and a man is standing in the opening. They hold each others hands and inside the doors you can see some sort of chamber. Between their raised hands you can see the same flame as the hands outside. It will release a lot of energy, merging and transform, balancing. If I work with this it will make my inner life more fulfilling and open new doors to my inner realms. As well as spreading outside of me and be able to share it with others too.

And last, what brightness will this gift provide with The Dreamer – Air (Ace of Swords)? A female face contemplating things with closed eyes. A sword in her forehead with the third eye open between two crescents. At her ears there is wings like on a winged helmet and this yellow color spreads out to the sides. Underneath her is a blue sky and green mountain tops and she’s keeping her hands in the sign of the element Air. Peacefulness, balance, harmony, knowing when and how to do things. No rush, no disturbances. To be one with everything, the element and the surroundings but still open and aware of what is going on.

The last card felt very serene so I hope I will get there one day. Now it’s time to go get daughter from school and hopefully get some dinner going while I think about this and see if there is any other answers popping up later.


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