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When I wrote this in a notebook the time was closer to 11pm, the cat was ridiculously happy that there was someone awake and “Human, could you do something else now? Can you see me?” added by a black furry creature in my face and on my writing.

Dear Mind. Please stop thinking

Dear Mind. Please stop thinking

The feeling is sort of this in the picture with the Minion since I know that I will be really tired when I wake up in the morning if I’m not getting enough sleep, but my mind was acting like a race horse that recently retired and haven’t figured it out yet. It doesn’t have to run everywhere and every time. Or maybe a prancing and bucking one that finally got out on a pasture after a long winter. My mind was dealing with tarot and I hoped that I could relax when I had done this… and hopefully I could read my own handwriting today.

So what is going on? Well, I’m finally coming to an end with the tarot course I’ve been participating in and starting to learn about a very special spread that is included. It’s taken the better part of a year to come this far and we use Thoth Tarot for it. I must admit that sometimes I’ve just wanted to give up, but then my stubborn side kicks in and I get on with it. It’s a privilege really, since I’m having it for free because the creator of it needed some Guinea Pigs for it before she launched it. So my mind is all over this spread that we are learning now, reminding myself that I have to save all what we have been discussing before we finish it and we close the group.

Rat with young ones

Rat with young ones

Besides that, a dear friend of mine asked me if I wasn’t going to make a tarot deck of my own, I would even have help publishing it and another friend offered to write something for it if time permitted that day. But then it’s a question about what media to use. I can’t do something with Photoshop or something like that since I neither have the program or the knowing of how to use it. And besides, I haven’t seen so many computer created decks that I really like. So question ended up in acrylics or water color, or is there any other alternative? I’m not used to any of them really, and besides I’m not much of an artist either if we’re not talking horses and rats, I’m pretty good with those.

Rainbow unicorn

Rainbow unicorn

Ok, it’s a lot of work doing a deck, I know. And yes, I know it’s hard to get it out and sell it in bigger amounts and making it up financially for all the time and effort you have put in it. But that is not what I’m really aiming for if I ever get around doing it, I will be perfectly happy if I have a couple of copies and if some friends have some and like them because I’m the one who made it. Lets face it, it’s far from reality yet and a lot of things to think about. To just choose a random card, The Empress, it’s pretty clear in my mind what she’s all about. But what will it look like? Is it going to be human, animal, mythological creature, just colors or what? I have some ideas of what I like in a tarot deck and some things I would like to have in it, but from that to having 78 of them is a completely different matter.

When I had come this far it was close to midnight and I really wanted to go to sleep. Hoping that I was finally done and could relax, but then I remembered that daughter had to have more clothes with her, need to come home early this day from school so she will be ready for a friends birthday party, find some time and energy for parts of the homework of the week, me having to deal with some errands and all that. I woke up this morning and sort of wished I could have had some more sleep but considering it has been a good day so far. Besides the weather, slush and snow and rain mix didn’t go well with the shoes I put on out of habit… I had my own private swimming pool in them when I was back home.

Oh, and the ratties and unicorn is something I drew many years ago now, in 1996 and 1997 when I looked them up.


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I was trying to figure out what I was forgetting this day, going out taking photos in the mist and do some grocery shopping and get around to reading e-mails, but then what? Now I know, besides making dinner that is.

So, just out of curiosity I will do this spread with Tarot of the Hidden Realm. And yes, I did it before starting to work with the spreads I planned for Samhain even if I’m posting this later. Bottom and top cards are X The Fortune Fairy (Wheel of Fortune) and 3 of Swords.

New Deck Interview Spread from FireRaven

Interview with Hidden Realm

Interview with Hidden Realm

****** 5 ****** 6 ******
********** 4 **********
****** 3 ****** 2 ******
********** 1 **********

1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
2. What are your strengths as a deck?
3. What are your limits as a deck?
4. What do you bring to the table — what are you here to teach me?
5. How can I best learn from and collaborate with you?
6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

First card where it can tell me about itself and what its most important characteristics are, I find The Hierophant. He is an elderly man who seems to be very calm and not getting upset for minor things in the first place. Patience that has grown out of knowledge and experience, from finding that there is no use to rush things when it comes to learning. We all learn in different paces and in different ways, as well as teaching others. Even a beginner can have a lesson for an old and seasoned veteran if one is willing to listen. You are never fully learned, and if you believe that there is still much to learn, just open your senses to it. Knowledge and learning is everywhere around you.

For strengths this deck gave me Shadowdance, or The Devil for those of you who prefer that instead. He seems to be a fairly young man with antlers on his head and a glint in his eyes that tells us that anything can happen. In the background there is a couple who are oblivious to his presence, and that seems to somehow amuse him. This deck will put focus on many things that has to do with emotions, things that has to do with nature and natural occurences, enjoy life as it is, but don’t let it run away with you uncontrolled, then you or someone or something else might get hurt. Strong sides will be lifting up joy of life, nature and everything you can find that is natural.

The limits is shown by The Moon, a woman standing on all fours with antlers on her head and hills rising in the background. There is some sort of spiral in the ground in front of her and she seems to be listening to sounds that might not be obvious for our physical ears. So what can be limits for this deck then? It will perhaps not be the one you seek out for ”petty” things like problems with your family or friends, superficial things like if this guy/girl you think is interested in you or not. No, this deck will be deeper than that so things of the physical world is not as good to deal with.

What this deck brings to the table and what it is here to teach me comes as the King of Cups. A fairly young king, blond hair and with his eyes set on something in the distance, or maybe deep in thoughts. He seems to be at the most in his thirties if that, clad in a blue cape and the background is a beautiful turquoise. I get the feeling that I’m supposed to look beyond the images, that I perceive them to be to young to be kings, queens or anything else. They are of the fey and not humans, having a vast knowledge and many more years behind them than I will ever have in this lifetime. Wisdom, a knowledge beyond his seeming age and experiences of love and loss. This will be the deck for deeper knowledge, not the one you run to for help with minor things at all as I’ve seem to have said earlier.

The Page of Pentacles gives me insight in how I best can learn and collaborate with this deck. A young woman sitting in the grass, waiting, listening. And that listening isn’t just with her ears, but her whole body, feeling things through my feet and hands, letting whatever I need to know come to me. Be still, be patient. Things will come to you in its own time, but don’t force it.

The potential outcome for our working relationship is represented by the 10 of Cups. An elderly fae holding her hands above a hanging cauldron, where the steam can create forms and shapes not of this world. There are things that started before this deck came into my hands and that I sort of have had confirmation from different sources that tells me that this deck will be an interesting one to get to know and work with. That there is more of the Otherworld that will pop up with this deck. That I will be able to work with the spirits of nature in other ways than before and this one can be of help with that.


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I finally decided to use two decks and two, well three, different spreads. The first one is the Elder of Fire spread by Joanna Powell Colbert and I used her Gaian Tarot of course. I can’t help it but it feels right for this spread. Perhaps it has to do with the Elder of Fire card she used to present the spread? If you would like to take a look you will find the link here.

And just to get an idea of what it looks like and the positions I’ll give you them here and the photo I took of the cards I got.

Samhain Elder of Fire Spread

Samhain Elder of Fire Spread




  1. Offering: What or who is dead or dying, that you need to honor?
  2. Challenge: What task does the Elder of Fire ask of you?
  3. Center: Where do you find your center of power?
  4. Opening: What new sweetness is wafting in on the scent of burning herbs?
  5. Wisdom: What secrets do the ancestors whisper to you during this season of All Hallows?

For those of you who like to add the bottom and top card for extra influence these are the ones I got, bottom – 5 of Fire, top – 4 of Earth.

For the Offering position I found Elder of Air (King of Swords) who is standing on what seems to be a plain under open sky, playing a flute while a moth is flying off. So what is dead or dying that I need to honor with this card? I would say that there is some old things that I’ve been carrying around with in my mind and this elderly man is playing the tunes that I will recognize if I just listen and quiet down my chattering mind. Let whatever is holding you back go, there have been some things in life that really tripped me but this will be ok if I just come to terms with it and see the lesson and how far I have come since.

A challenge then, something the Elder of Fire asks of me in the form of Guardian of Air (Queen of Swords) who sits on a hilltop with a white owl soaring in behind her. She confirms what the Guardian already is telling me. Let go, listen to the sounds, let whatever has been holding you back in your mind fly. Take the wisdom and teachings from the situations and let the rest go.

My center of power is represented by The Emperor, that man who is making those beautiful carvings on that pillar. So what could that be then? What is my center of power? Is it that pillar that he is decorating or am I the man himself? Capable of keeping focused on the tasks at hand and at the same time creating a home, a sense of safety and comfort? I could probably do a lot more creative stuff too if I really got around to do it. And making much better on the creating a home part.

Something that will open up for something new, something sweeter is 7 of Fire. Well, sweet isn’t really the first word that pops up in my mind about this young woman who is working as a blacksmith. Creative, strong and do know what she want and how she want it would be more fitting perhaps. You have choices on how to do things, but sometimes you have to be open for changes since your plan might not really follow every step on your list. Maybe there have to be some flexibility too, depending on the material you are working with you have to follow that too somehow. It might have some ideas of its own. Something is about to be created if I’m just open to what is offered.

The wisdom of the ancestors, the message from them, is coming from the 2 of Waters. An older woman standing close to a waterfall and a white dog or wolf is standing with her two front paws up against her shoulders. There is a connection between them, a bond, love, trust and a feeling of oneness. They share a life and might even be at that point where you share thoughts and feelings, if it’s an animal you start to feel/know what they are thinking, what they want and how they want it, or get mental images. Feel the balance, the love and trust you share with others, humans as well as non-humans, nature and all her beings. Share your love and your gifts.

Another spread I tried, or two really, comes from Bonnie Cehovet and she created these two, a reading and a meditation and since the number of cards are few it’s easier to do than starting off doing some 10-15 cards in each spread when there is Trick or Treaters behind the door a little now and then. I can tell you, a little off topic, that the cat feels very confused over this running in the stairs outside the doors, and the little human coming and going. What is this?! At least he’s not like Pooka in the latest story about him, who is so afraid of the Trick or Treaters he want to go and hide somewhere, even trying a carved out pumpkin. The real ghosts on the other hand are not a problem. They are, as he describes, just family and friends visiting and do no harm.

Back to the spreads we go. This is what it looks like and what the positions talk about:

Halloween Spread

Halloween Spread

1 2 3 4

1. My conscious self on this night.

2. My unconscious self on this night.

3. What my Guides want to tell me.

4. What the Void wants to tell me.

5. What I need to take from this night.

I used Hidden Realm (I tend to mix the name up with Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Mickie Mueller, so if you find that name somewhere around, it’s just me). Bottom card was Knight of Pentacles and I forgot to write down the top card.

My conscious self on this night is represented by Five of Wands, several young fae climbing a tree and all having different expressions of face and body. The one that catches my eyes the most is the one closest who looks a little afraid, or at least careful. Perhaps wondering about how safe it will be to go higher up or if its best to stay where he/she is or maybe even go back down to the ground. So it is sort of me actually, not sure about how far I can go, or if I can handle the situations at hand. Thinking before acting usually, even if I can be a dreamer or be spontaneous, being practical and cautious is mostly me.

My unconscious self this night is Ten of Wands, a young boy with painted face and right arm holding an egg that seems to be fiery in color. He looks at you and it’s hard to determine what is going on in his mind. Being careful isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes it’s good to take chances, see what will happen, find out what you have in that egg of yours. Is it a dragon? A phoenix? Something that would create something new in your world and life? Maybe it’s time to not be so cautious and take a chance, see what that egg can turn out to become?

My guides wants to tell me something through the Queen of Cups, a mature woman who is holding her cup out towards us. She has a slight smile on her face, but I have the feeling that I am the one who has to make a choice of approaching her or not. She will wait until I make that first move and perhaps ask her for something, look down in her chalice and see what it holds for me. I have known sorrow and grief, but also joy, laughter and love, it’s time to find my way again.

The Void is telling me through the King of Swords that this is the time for making decisions, mentally at least. Keeping focused on the things that are important to remember and not letting things of less importance come in the way. Work with the others in this spread and see what you can make out of all this. Keep your cool and not letting too much emotion run off with me.

What I need to take with me from this night is The Blasted Beech (The Tower), and it might seem harsh to some, but on the other hand, if things are too stagnant or you rely to much on an imaginary safety, it might be time to shake things up a little and see what isn’t as stable as I might think. It can be scary to let go, or pull down things that has been forever and gives a sense of false security but building it up again can make it more stable and finding new and better ways to do things.

So over to the meditation then, same deck, different cards.

Halloween Meditation

Halloween Meditation


1. The Seeker’s physical world.

2. The message from the void.

3. The Seeker’s spiritual world.

For my physical world I found The Star, there is hope and I can look forward to what is coming. See that there is light in the end of the tunnel and a new world opening.

Message from the void is Ten of Pentacles that says find your holy places, relax, feel secure and at peace with your surroundings.

My spiritual world is Two of Pentacles that says to me that I should put down my roots and come closer to the ground and see both what is in the open and what hides deeper down. See more than what is on the surface.

I had to take a break between doing the Elder of Fire spread and the others since someone, guess who, decided it was a nice spot to lay down on… I’ll give you some clues: black, furry, yellow eyes, thinks he is the center of creation. Oh yes, him!

Cat helper for Samhain

Cat helper for Samhain

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