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Nothing wrong with that combination really. Not when they are old enough to be curious and be able to give a hand with small things. My darling is old enough to help out with a little this and that if she has the right tools and the help to find what is needed, or how to do it. The problem has usually been when she’s supposed to read a recipe from one of my books, easier said than done even if you are a good reader for your age. So what to do about it?

Every year in February there is a big sales of books in almost every bookstore and other stores too that sell books. When I was younger you could make real finds at times like that, not so much now. Mostly books that you can find without any bigger problems any time during the year, but perhaps not so cheap. Love to buy books for daughter or for gifts for others if my money permits. This year I found some books for kids that would make it easier for them to read and perhaps even prepare things themselves with a little help and someone around if help is needed or avoid accidents.

I don’t know if there is any equivalent in this language around in the world, but I hope so, because these last three weeks my daughter has been in the kitchen a lot more lately and even come up with suggestions and ideas for what we could bake or cook. It’s been apple pie (delicious), some omelette, rice (I helped with finding something to eat with it) and some this and that. Yesterday we tried a soup with potatoes, leek, some carrot and some other ingredients and some sausages at the last 5 minutes. Totally worth all the work that had to be done to prepare it. What I can come to think about some of these recipes is that they are very careful with spices and herbs, at least they could add the suggestion that if you like you could add this or that and some idea of how much. Not a problem in this household, for the omelette I told daughter that she could dice the potatoes from the day before, add some of the bacon we had and put some spices and herbs in front of her to choose from and approximately how much to add into it. There wasn’t anything left after dinner…

What I really like in this book, and that you can see in the photos below, is how they have handled this with different measures, and there is an explanation of those at the back of the book if anyone is unsure about what the short is for dl, msk and so on (it would be cups, tablespoons and such in your language).

Now it’s just hide whatever I’m planning for special occasions so it wont go missing all of a sudden. Probably not, she doesn’t feel so confident that she’s doing it all by herself just yet, but one day…

Otherwise, the days grows longer out there and tarot is happening daily even if I forget to write about it.

Cookbook for kids

Cookbook for kids

Omelette recipe

Omelette recipe


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