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I should probably write about Lucia instead, since it is the day for it. But I don’t feel like it so head over to Joanna Powell Colbert and Gaian Soul because she has some really good writing about it. And yes, I’m going to add photos for November also in a day or two.

So, I’ve spent a lot of time online to watch paranormal investigation programs… hold on, got to get my bread out of the oven!

And back again, I hope they turned out good. Where was I? Oh yes, paranormal. There are a lot of those programs around on tv and on the internet. Good and bad, interesting and, well, not so interesting. But something that seems to come back in some TV-shows sent in the US as far as I’ve seen, and I’m not saying that all of them are like this, but those I’ve seen so far have shown a lot of it. Have you any other good ones to share so be my guest and add a link to them in the comments below. I’m not going to add links or give names here, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine. Is it only me, or have the demons and devils, preferably with a capital D, sort of magnified with later years? At the beginning it was more like finding out if a place was  haunted, trying to prove or debunk, and if it was find something to show it was and who/what. And it was ghosts, spirits, entities and not a question if they were evil or not to begin with.

More and more it’s about getting physical proof, preferably scratches or other marks on your body. And if they happen to knock or give three scratches it’s a demon or other bad entity. So if I knock on a door rapidly three times, am I a demon/evil entity then? Why do we try to find evil in all places all of a sudden? If you investigate a hospital for the mentally ill that’s been there a long time, wouldn’t it be pretty obvious that who or whatever is there might be confused and not knowing where and why they are there? It has nothing to do with evil then, just confused and aggressive spirits that might do the same thing they did when they were still alive. And we can’t just oversee with the fact that we ourselves can create certain things because we expect it to be so. Strange sounds, well abandoned buildings and old houses can create a lot of noise and bumps all by themselves. Trust me, if you ever lived in an old house with timber you know they have a habit of talking to themselves and no spirits involved at all. So why go all wide-eyed and look like a fool because you think it was a spirit making that noise?

I’ve been looking at a TV-show all new to me, and I’m not at all impressed so far. One of the participants is so jumpy he would see/hear/feel entities all over the place if someone told him that the place was supposedly haunted, in broad daylight too. If I sent him to the house where my dad grew up and told him I’ve heard/felt something there he would go evil and portals all over the place probably. Yes, there have been things happening there, and the Gods only know what has happened there long before there was any permanent living there either. But all in all it’s a very friendly place as far as I can tell. A little scary late nights in fall and winter when there is not much light besides the stars and the moon. But if you are already… how should I say this? If you already, in your mind, is convinced there is a haunted place, you can create a lot all by yourself. You interpret sounds and add your own feelings and fears to it and all of a sudden you have a whole different meaning to it. But it might be a lot more mundane and non-spiritual than you want to think. Not everything that is dark is evil, that would be terrible if that was the case. So is it mostly to sell the show that you do that, presume/make things that is dark evil just because it sells better?

One episode of a show they went to Ireland and a cave that had something to do with the goddess Morrigan. One of the members immediately asked if she was “demonic” since what is known about her isn’t that cuddly and nice all the time. The woman who presented the place for them tried to explain some about this goddess but the guy went on with “is she demonic?” To some, she probably will be seen as that, and all the other gods and goddesses in the world not belonging to the almighty father of christianity and his son. But please, just stop interpreting all you can’t see or understand as evil or anything beginning with a D. Yes, there are dark energies, entities and such, but not automatically evil. The dark has always scared humankind more or less and there has always been attempts to explain and understand that part, but naming it evil just because you don’t understand it or you are afraid of it wont help.

And yes, there are probably different dimensions, portals between those too and a lot of other stuff, but not all over the place and at every place that are presumed haunted. And yes again, you can create and invoke things you can’t handle if you haven’t got an idea of what you are doing/”playing” with. I like the paranormal stuff, but not the ones where they are just trying to find evil D and trying to make every sound into a spirit. I would like to be able to follow a group of people with their heads screwed on right about this and see for myself how they work with this. One day perhaps.



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