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Yeah, I know, I’ve been away almost a year… that wasn’t my intention really. But it just happened. I felt stressed out over things going on in my life, and stress and me isn’t really the ideal combo these days, so I lost my inspiration, motivation or any other -tion I can’t come to think about right now. So, today I finally decided I wouldn’t let this blog disappear without any notice or let all the things I’ve been writing here before go away out into nothingness. I have tried to write before, at least I’ve had it in my mind that I was going to write about something that felt important or inspiring to me, and then something else needed my attention and then I lost it again. And here I am, asking myself if this will be my come back or if it will last for a week or a month and then I’m gone again. Honestly? I don’t know, that is all I can say right now, I really don’t know. There are lots of things I could write about, things I read, talk about with friends, what happens in my life, paganism, tarot and what not. It’s just a question of me finding the time, that I have loads of really, and most of all the motivation and inspiration. So if it’s not coming every day, or even once a week, I’ll try to get here and write something. Or see if I can find some photos that those of you who stumbles over this blog might like to see.

I got to read some interesting things, by “chance” perhaps, but they hit a familiar feeling inside of me anyway. One was another blog about a woman who had been into the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), she was so eager to attend everything she could, do as much as possible and all of a sudden she lost it, the inspiration and love for it all. But it wasn’t sudden really, it came sneaking up on her slowly and all of a sudden it blows up in our faces, and I could understand where she came from. I have a habit of getting to engaged and want to do everything at times too, and then I completely lose my spark and longing to learn and do more. Put everything down that I have been doing and can’t find inspiration or happiness in it for a long time. That particular writing of Tina Degenhart is called Battling Burnout and perhaps it can be of help to someone else too. Maybe I’m not as far as really burnt out, but I have been doing and wanting to much in a short time period, forcing myself to do more and more. I noticed that recently, or actually this spring and summer, when I stumbled over The Magical Circle School, it’s a great place really when you want to learn more about paganism, but not just being fed what to think and believe. Perhaps not for everyone, but that is the way it is, we have all different paths and ways of learning, and this particular way suits me. I loved doing the Entrance Exam, this is where they let you find your ways around this place, how it works, how they want you to do things when sending in your assignments and such. Yes, it is pretty much a school in that way, but most of these things you can do at your own pace, with a few exceptions. I finished my EE pretty fast considering the amount of things that has to be worked through, and continued with taking a Creating your Book of Shadows class as the first one after the EE. Fun, easy, started out my BoS, first “real” BoS in my life. Continued with some intro courses on the Wheel of the Year, the Moon and some others. Great fun. Then I took one that really is interesting. Correspondences of Spellcrafting 101. You know when you read books or on the internet, you are served a lot of magical correspondences for colors, numbers and what not. But have you ever taken the time to consider why they are associated with those things mentioned there, or how they came up with it? I hadn’t really, and this is why it made it so interesting. The thing is there are many who want to take this class, so the teacher had to put a time limit to it, 30 days. It’s not impossible, not at all, but it requires a lot of work and discipline on your end to make it. So I realised when I had done that and some others that I was about to do the same mistake all over again. Too much in a short time and somehow telling myself that I have to go faster, do this or that class in a certain time so I could jump onto the next as fast as possible. As if all these classes would go away if I didn’t take them in time… Luckily enough for me I made myself aware of it this time, so I’m going slower, a lot slower, and almost feel contempt for myself for being a “sissy” and slowing down so much as to do at the tops one assignment a month. Taking three classes at the same time right now, continued with Correspondences of Spellcrafting 102 and also working on Runes 101 and Basic Elements 101. Fun, I learn loads and getting a better understanding of myself as a pagan and where things are coming from.

Oh, yeah, runes. I’ve tried to learn those before, but this time I thought that it could be fun to actually work with them more. So considering I was joining the Kickstarter campaign for PookieCat runecards (Maria van Brüggen) it was a chance to work with them and the runestones I got with them. And as if runes wasn’t enough I’ve added several tarot decks during this time I’ve been away. I bought a used copy of Hudes Tarot, I got Chrysalis (still making my mind up about that one), I got the PookieCat Cat-rot cards (love them, they are lots of fun), the Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan, and latest addition is the Starlight Dragon by Nora Huska and Steph Engert. Oh, and I actually bought a new oracle deck, the Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco. I’ve got my hands full if I want to write something in here I think. And talking about writing, I should probably end this here or no one will have time and energy to read all my ramblings. Seems like I’ve missed this chance of writing whatever pops up in my mind lately. Perhaps I could introduce all my new decks and talk about the classes I’ve taken at the TMCS? If anyone is up to reading it that is… oh heck, who cares? I’ll write about it anyway! Just because I want to, when I want to. Hope to be back here soon again. Now, off to do some necessary errands before young one is home from school again.


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