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Lucky for me I didn’t promise any fantastic writing with several new things each week, or even regular posts at all. There has been things going on, on energy level too, that has kept me from writing very much. I don’t know, perhaps it is the darker and shorter days, the fact that this last week has been crazy with sleeping and dreaming. Blame it on the Super Full Moon? But here I am, finding something easy to write about finally. Yes, I have been thinking of several things to write about, but then I have found that it was too complex, or as with Starlight Dragon Tarot, I haven’t even tried it out yet so I can’t say very much about it. Today will be my first try, a dragon tarot for a day of the full moon, couldn’t be any better, or at least I hope so. Taking another step forward with finding new ways of working with tarot perhaps.

I’ve been having a lot of fun learning the basics and some fun stuff to do with runes lately. It will take me lots more time to really get the hang of them, but today I made a set of my own runes from stones I’ve found on the beach, and I made a wishing rune too. The last one isn’t so hard to do really, you pick a stone or any other material that nature can break down later, or perhaps burn it? I picked a small, pretty small stone, that shape that you can throw sandwich with. Then you paint the Ing-rune or your initials with the rune letters and there you have it. Hold it, visualize or at least keep in mind what your wish is, keep it in your purse or pocket until the wish comes true. When it has, trow it in running water, bury it, or just throw it into a forest. If I would make them from wood it could probably be burnt too.

Another great thing with today was the letter that arrived. It was from Lisa Hunt, she had a competition a while back at her Ghosts & Spirits Tarot page on Facebook where you could win a card from that deck. Turned out that we weren’t that many entering so each one of us got a card from it, and since I had completely forgot it, I had a pleasant surprise on this grey and listless day. What card I got? Temperance, a card for balance and healing mostly if I’m to interpret it. I had to look it up, yes I have the deck, to see what the story in it was all about. It was about the Swan Maiden, they can shape-shift into humans by shedding their feathers, and sometimes mortal men confiscated their feathers to make them stay. If the maidens could find their feathers again, they would change back and return to their flock. The divinatory meaning was: “Balance and harmony will guide you between conscious deliberation  and the deeper waters of the unconscious. This is a time to let go of the ego and submerge into the waters of deeper insights and inner reflection.” So here we go, on the day of the full moon, and a message like that. Seems like it’s about time to pick myself up and get some things moving again, that said with a smile on my face.

Ooops, seems like this day has all of a sudden sneaked away faster than I thought. Time to do some inventory on what is missing in the kitchen, we need some dinner here in a couple of hours. Young one coming home and in need of food again. And if someone happens to know how to deal with the problem adding photos and images I would appreciate it. It’s driving me nuts! For some reason it refuse to add files here, on Facebook and even my e-mail, so some form of glitch or setting that has been lost or set wrong? Help?


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