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Well, nothing much going on really. The day to day stuff goes on, and fast enough I think because soon it is both winter solstice and christmas eve, and it feels like I should be done with so many things before that. The truth is that it’s not that much really, just me that has in my mind that I will be done with certain things before the holidays.

Today is one of those days when I tried to make a gingerbread dough. I have never in my entire life made a gingerbread dough myself before until today. When I was a kid, and way up in my teens, my mum used to make that dough and then we helped out to bake them out and not burn them into a crisp when you forgot how fast they are done! These are things we tend to remember with a special feeling now when I’m a lot older myself and have my own young lady that is trying to create traditions. So, tomorrow it will be gingerbread baking if nothing unexpected happens. The problem today with getting the dough done is that it requires quite a lot of extra concentration and focus when you read the list of ingredients and the amounts, especially since I was just making half of it. Then try to concentrate when the cat comes into the kitchen meowing and not taking no for an answer when you give him a fast cuddle and try to go back to reading and measuring. Nope, that is not accepted when you have a cat that wants to play! So continued meowing, strokes around my legs and just being cuddly until I gave in. Tried to find a fun toy and threw it so he could chase it. The result? He looked at me as if I was somewhat lacking intelligence. He didn’t want to play by himself, did he?!

October My bag!

October My bag!

Let out a sigh, looked around some more and found one of his oldest toys. From the beginning, some three years ago or so, it was one of those that is to hang in the doorway and they can jump and chase it there. Well, as time went by this poor thing started to become a little worn and that elastic got shorter and shorter. Today it is tied and taped to a plastic rod, once belonging to another toy long since gone and it works just fine. So, back to the kitchen. There I stood with the rod loosely in one hand and tried to measure spices and other stuff while a happy cat twisted around my feet and chased said toy. Well, it is probably as they say, if you are a parent (or perhaps having a cat) you start to be able to handle that part of multitasking. Not everyone does it I guess, and not many stand making gingerbread dough and making the cat happy at the same time! But I made it, or at least I think so. Time will tell when we have tried baking with the dough and tasted the first cookies. If they taste funny I know who is to blame! The individual in question is 3 years 4 months, male, has black fur, yellow eyes and doesn’t listen to the name Licorice.


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