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Yes, I watch those from time to time, at least when time allows. That doesn’t mean that I accept everything they say and do without questioning. I wrote about that in an earlier post back in 2014, Paranormal, by the way. There are those that are good, but also those who has a reputation that is somewhat tainted. I was reminded of that now that a tv-channel here in Sweden started to run the new episodes of Most Haunted. It has run previous years but then it ended, but before that there was some things appearing that indicated, or they said to have proof of, that some things wasn’t right and that the incredible amount of paranormal happenings could have some help that wasn’t caught by the camera. Sure, it is interesting when things go bump and things happens, but you have to be a little logical and have a fair share of common sense and skepticism too. Like old houses for instance, if it is timber you have to take into account that temperatures and humidity can make them “talk” and it can really go bang. It can happen with stone and concrete too I’ve noticed during the years. Then there are a lot of other things to add to this picture, how you move, what is moving outside or something reflects in a window or cast a shadow that you didn’t think about. So just to take this new part of Most Haunted as an example there was a lot of known faces, but somewhat older then, and then some new. One was some kind of host for a show that I guess wasn’t unknown for the British viewers, he was there as a skeptic and the logical side. A demonologist that I can’t remember the name of right now, but he is well known in those parts. Then there was one who represented the “hysterical lady”, the one who screams as soon as she even thought something could be a sound or a “ghost”. And wanted to get the flashlight lit for even the smallest thing. I usually try to avoid being judgemental or have a preconceived idea about people if I can avoid it, but this lady gave the “dumb blonde” a new meaning… I’m sorry Leah, or whatever your name was, but I hope you are an actress who got paid to act like a goose (sorry to the geese too) and scream hysterically as soon as it was even a possibility of a sound or movement.

The place was in Wales, The Tivoli Venue, and had some bad history in it’s past. It had been a fire there sometime during the 1940’s and at least one person died. No nice death, and there were still a lot of places damaged and not done anything about , just renovating the parts where they ran a bar and some other things. It was said that several people haunted the place. There was a whistle that could be heard, and it was said to be a ghost, but since that couldn’t be proved it could just as well be someone from the team that stood there, just like other things that just as well could be created by real people and not a spirit. One of the guys, Stuart, was very emotional and went outside for a while, and when he returns we are finally told that he had heard a voice telling him to get out of there or he would die. Sure, it could have been a ghost/spirit, but maybe not meant as Stuart would actually die, but since others had died it could have been the memories of this spirit, or an emotion, that was expressed. It was said somewhere during the program that it had been a place for gallows not far from there before this building was built, so there could be a lot “stored” there. He later went into the mens room by himself with a camera to shoot. There it was a faucet going off by itself and also a hand dryer that went off twice. At first I thought that the hand dryer was one of those going off with some form of sensor, but it was clearly too old for that kind of technical stuff, but something made it go off and even if it is a technical glitch I can understand that someone who sits there alone in the dark is jumping out of his skin when that thing starts behind your back!

Well, I’m going to watch the coming shows and see what happens, if nothing else I’ll get a good laugh out of it because of their hysterical screaming and their conviction that the slightest sound is a haunting.


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