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Love and heartache, spring is in the air and all that. Young one is growing up and soon there will be heartache for her too when boys are more interesting than now. We’ve all been there sometime I guess, that one special person that we have a secret crush on. They are a part of life, but hopefully we will find that special someone who will treat us right and we can share our lives with.

Strange Valentine

Mend-a-Broken-Heart Fairy

I pulled some cards from the Oracle of Shadows & Light again (see previous post Oracle of Shadows & Light), and today it was on the subject of love and lost love you could say. The first card was Strange Valentine and the second Mend-a-Broken-Heart Fairy. The first card talks about love, and that love, or the subject for it, might not look the way we thought it would from the beginning. They spoke about healing old wounds from past relationships, especially the long-term, serious ones. And many of us have been there maybe more than once in our lives. But this card stressed the fact that even if this new love or friendship doesn’t seem to be our “type” to begin with, maybe we shouldn’t brush it off at an instant. Love is really strange and wonderful they add.

The other fairy is here to help us mend our broken hearts. She says that it’s time to accept those small gestures of kindness because those will do more for us than years of therapy ever will. A friendly and loving hug, treating ourselves gently, we are healing but don’t try to rush it just to get over it soon. The fairy adds that whatever created this wound could have been a lovers’ quarrel or perhaps unrequited love, a break up or a love adventure turning harsh. She tells us to take it easy on the path of love for some time. Just take a break for all those shoulds and take a bath or watch an old movie.

It is a little odd, or maybe not, that these cards would show up today of all days on a whole year. There is a beautiful day outside, somewhat chilly but bright sunshine over the snow and not so windy. But yesterday (March 30) would have been my late husbands 50th birthday and today it is 6 years since my dad went out for a walk and almost back home fell to the ground and never returned home. Same fantastic weather and so many things to look forward to that all of a sudden ended in tragedy and deep sorrow. But we heal, one day at a time, we come back to what is considered normal even if memories pop up now and then and make us long for those lost. But life goes on and so do we, slow or fast doesn’t matter, things take time and it is different for all of us.


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I recently made a trade with a friend, different tarot and oracle decks that I have found not useful for me. They have never spoken to me really, and the same problem for my friend. So, said and done, we offered some decks each of us and sent them off to their new homes. One of the decks I picked was this oracle deck, Oracle of Shadows & Light from Lucy Cavendish and art by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Something made me feel drawn to it, even if the art isn’t usually the kind I go for. My thought was that if I don’t connect with it I’ll just sell it or trade it for something else, but this one is a keeper I think.

Anyway, I decided yesterday that I would pull a card just for a general idea of what the day had in store for me, if there was any special pointers. When I shuffle my decks like that, I have a habit of looking both on the top and bottom card, the top card is somewhat the more obvious things that you can spot fairly quick and the bottom card can be something a little less obvious or hidden. My way of working with the cards so nothing anyone has to adopt and use because its some sort of requirement. The cards I pulled talked about change and a need of cleaning up around me. So my thoughts was along the line that, well, its spring and there are some stuff that I should take care of in the home, but it’s also the pure energetically cleaning that can be required and changes on a personal level so I thought that whatever will happen happens.

Mildew Fairy

I Am Kali

And it did happen, just not the way I might have imagined it. Daughter and one of our adult friends came out from her room and told me they had seen some bug in her bed. Small one, but a bug. So, it’s spring and all kinds of little creatures starts to wake up and I asked them to show me, but naturally that little one had run off somewhere. I would have done so too I guess, if a pair of giants had started shaking up my life lol Daughter couldn’t imagine being in her room even if that bug was so small it was practically invisible so I asked her to start shoving her plushies and all down in plastic bags, put them outside, and also remove the sheets and pillows in her bed. Said and done, and then I continued to remove stuff from the floor, got a big box out that’s been taking up lots of space and throwing out papers, collecting games and other things spread about. Done with that it was the cats hate object, the vacuum cleaner, he doesn’t like it at all. When I went back to the cards I had pulled and read the interpretations of them I started laughing, it was clearly a cleansing and it was both physical and energetical. It felt like we had a lot more air and space in her room when I was done, but still dusting and removing more stuff before the spring cleaning in there is finished. I’m looking forward to see what the next daily draw will point out and how accurate it will be. Love these cards and the book that comes with them.

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