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That is the way it is sometimes. After some getting things done from the morning with getting young one and her friend off to school, I started with some other necessary things. One of those necessities was to take care of the dishes, and the second was sorting up the laundry for this days exercise rounds to and from the laundry. No, it’s not fun, but it is neccessary and feels pretty good knowing that we have clean clothes and sheats taken care of and we can spend our energy on other things, like Walpurgisnacht or Valborgsmässoafton as we call it, others know it as Beltane. But that wasn’t what I would write about today.

It was after I hade dealt with dishes and finally sorted the laundry and thinking that now I’m going to pull some cards from the Oracle of Shadows & Light again, it was a while since. So I’m focusing, as I think I am, on what will be important or interesting to have in mind or actions today. Up comes two cards that I, sort of anyway, don’t feel there is something odd with, but at the same time this doesn’t fit really. What is this about heartache and other things about the way of the heart, and healing? Sure, there is a thing or two that could need some healing here and there, but not in the way that these two cards are talking about, so why and how do they belong together? Well, decided to put them down, the answer might come later, and if it isn’t I can make a note of it and see if there is an explanation for it further ahead. But then there is a phone call from a friend I spoke with the day before, and now the cards made sense! Apparently I had, without being aware of it, been thinking about her and her situation somewhere in the back of my mind while I shuffled the cards and these answers were for her!

This situation, where the cards are actually for someone else, I’ve been running into before and I know I’m not alone with this “phenomenon”. Sometimes there has been others who do card readings of different sorts, or runes, pendulums or other things in that way. You can sometimes feel it is as if the question asked and the cards laid down for someone else actually answers something in your own life or situation you might be in., even if the spread was for someone else, just as it was now with the other way around and the cards wasn’t for me but for one of my best friends. Whatever you believe in or not, angels, guides, higher powers, Universe, you name it. Someone wanted this message to get to a specific person, and it did this time and hopefully it helped her on her way. Other times it’s not as easy to find the “recipient” , as one time several years ago when I used a pendulum and tried to answer some questions from a friend. In the middle of it all I “hear” a voice in my head, and the pendulum is also spelling it out on a letter chart, a younger male American is what I perceive, saying “Tell mum I’m ok”. Soooo, who are you, who are your mum and where on Earth does she live?! At times like that you can’t do very much, just hope that the message finally will reach the right person in some way, through someone who hopefully is a lot closer to where they are. But today that message reached its destination as I said, even if the cards wasn’t right for me.


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One of my friends on Facebook wrote yesterday some words of thought about this with weight and how we look. Her reason to speak came from something that was said on tv here in Sweden, the Let’s Dance show, many of us already know about that competition even if we don’t care about watching it. What made her react was the fact that there was a comment about one of the contenders that had lost some weight due to the dance training. Somewhat jokingly it was said that he had lost half his weight, but it wasn’t more than 5kg. But mostly this was about why it always have to be about weight and looks? Not everything is about being slim and beautiful, there are so many other criteria to look at and it’s not about the outer so called beauty. You can be a wonderful person even if you are severly overweight. But sure, for reasons of health it could be a good idea not having to much overweight, but to make people feel ashamed and feel bad because they can’t live up to an ideal constructed by a few that fits into it, that is cruel and unfair.  It doesn’t matter if you are under- or overweight. Yes, there is actually a problem to be underweight too even if that isn’t talked about as much as the overweight. For me, I probably belong to the latter category even if I had the fortune of having my weight spread out over my whole body. But to hear my daughter, while she is trying on something she felt really attracted to and find out that it wasn’t made for someone with the “wrong” bodyshape, with low voice say “Mum, I wish I was slim…” how much didn’t that hurt? How many goes around with this thorn inside with not fitting in, to not be good enough or be right according to some ideal?

Oracle of Shadows and Light 25

Oracle of Shadows & Light

So, I pulled as usually these days, two cards from the same oracle deck I’ve really got into, and got two fitting cards yesterday. The first one is Sewer Mermaid and that might not be the one you think beauty about since a sewer doesn’t feel like a nice place. In that card we are reminded that we often have negative thoughts about ourselves – we are to short or tall, thighs too big, our brests are too small, hair is wrong, not beautiful enough, and so on. That creates blocks inside ourselves and finally we start to push other around us away because we think that we are wrong, ugly and not attractive enough. This mermaid says that it’s time to clean up within ourselves among all these negative thoughts and ideas about ourselves. We are beautiful in different ways, and perhaps with a more healthy way of life, as in start moving some more and eat less fast food and sweets as comfort, maybe we will start feeling better in our physical body too. She wants to show that we have beauty despite what creators of clothes and others decide is beauty. This was the last paragraph about what the card was about:

“Let this strong, survivor mermaid show you how to love yourself and your appearance again and rise above the rubbish and stink of negative conditioning regarding your beautiful body and unique self! You are beautiful and very worth loving. This is the only truth that must be told at this time.”

Oracle of Shadows and Light 19

Oracle of Shadows & Light

But the other card then, what was that? Then came Amara the Menehune and it is, fittingly enough, about healing. She is talking about the importance of calming down, less stress. Eat right and enjoy what you eat, look around you and find the beauty in your surroundings. Relax, enjoy seeing a tree, a flower, a bird, whatever. Slow down and just exist for a moment. Stop listening to those inner and outer voices that says you always have to work, work harder and more, stress, hurry up. Out in the sun and just enjoy life here and now, get some necessary energy. Especially now at springtime it can be about time to shake that darkness off and the effects of short days and little daylight, especially for those of us living further up north and really have short days during winter. You get up in the morning for school and work and it’s dark, and when you’re on your way home it is just as dark before it turns and slowly, day by day, it turns and minutes turns to hours with more daylight.

As previously said, perhaps if we should start appreciating ourselves, see that we have and possess beauty no matter what we look like. I don’t fit in at a beauty competition where all is about what you look, but hopefully I have other things that compensate for it and make me into a person worthy of likes, love and respect for who I am. Same thing with my daughter, she’s no beauty ideal according to those who set those up, but her looks and her personality gives her a beauty that I hope that no one will take away from her or try to make her believe that she isn’t beautiful, lovable and worthy of all the respect and consideration like all the others in this world.

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So, another post about those oracle cards. Getting tired of me yet? Hopefully not, I think that these cards actually give me some inspiration to write and also finding things relating to what is said in the cards for the day. As in todays headline, stand your ground.

First I can say that my mum is back on her feet again, “standing (on) her ground”, fractured femur but not a bad break. Keeping my thoughts to one of my cousins that slipped on a patch of ice and broke her right arm, and of course she is right handed… But there are lots of friends and family to help her out so I know she will do fine.

Snow Angel

Oracle of Shadows & Light

Ok, the cards then. Today was a return from a previous day, the Snow Angel. She is often here to tell us about signs in different ways. And those said signs are already there, and might have been for some time, just that we haven’t noticed. That we have been blind or oblivious to them, still asking for them, but not seeing them. She’s somewhat upset and annoyed at us. We can release her from the present assignment by looking around us for those signs, they might be small, but maybe they are so close and so obvious that we don’t see them as that sign we so eagerly want to have? When we read in the little book that comes with the cards there is a paragraph for each where the fairy or angel is speaking directly to us and this is what the Snow Angel starts out with, “Hmph! There. If you miss that sign, I really don’t know what will convince you! Maybe I should just stand here a while, and wait until you notice me, point to the sign, flap my wings, and then you’ll believe that it really is a sign!” Yeah, she seems a little peeved, doesn’t she (said with a smile and a wink). Apparently I have not seen or acknowledged those signs she’s been sending me, and probably humanity at large at several times. We humans have a way of ignoring and believing that they will be some fireworks and flinfing of sparkly confetti or something like that so we’ll know what it is all about.

Oracle of Shadows & Light

The signs I’ve been neglecting this time is in the form of Fairy of the Highlands, a sweet and peaceful creature telling me, or us, it is time to be brave. She’s no fighter, it’s not in her nature, and she wants to solve disputes peacefully, but will fight if that is what is needed. It is time for us to stand up to ourselves, even if we don’t like to be in conflicts with others and letting them take advantage of us. It is time to take a stand, tell the truth and not back down even if there is a conflict looming. But as it says, should we always let everyone else take advantage of us, of all the work we might have put into something, just so they can take it and claim our work? We are not talking about petty things here, like who had that toy first, or who should be first in picking what movie to see. Well, it could be if we are always the one backing down to others, then it might be time to say “I had it” or “We watch this movie first”. As it says in the book, that we shouldn’t let sorrow and guilt make us neglect self-protection.

I can sort of relate to these cards, I’m pretty peaceful myself, and probably back down a little too often. So I guess for me it’s about time to grab that sword and head into it when it is needed. Conflict or not. I might as well start today with some things, even if it’s standing up for myself against myself in some parts. It is good to stand our ground in some things, but we have to pick our times and fights too, it might not always be appropriate to do it all the time and in all situations. Sometimes it might be just as well to let it go, leave it and let others go about their own problems. I’ve heard some friends having issues and while I still listen, can make some connections to my own experiences and knowledge, I can’t fight their fights or help out with their problems. This can sometimes be a time for standing your ground too actually, to actively choose not to take a stand in someone elses problems. I’m their friend, but I can’t do much about their problems beside listening. And that is probably what most people need at times, someone who listens so they can vent a little, and perhaps during that find a solution to the problem. Now to find out what will happen with the rest of this day.






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I know, I could write about something else, but actually I don’t know what right now. There was some days here when I just pulled cards and didn’t write anything, but that has to do with family issues really. My mum tripped over a chair and broke her hip again, so me and brother have been trying to help her out with necessary things in her home and things she can’t do on her own otherwise. Hopefully she’ll be back on her feet soon again. Something positive is that at least it’s spring and there won’t be a lot of ice and snow to keep her inside while she’s healing again.

So, Oracle of Shadow & Light again then. As I’ve said, I’ve pulled cards daily, except for that day when mum took the fall… Me and daughter was visiting some friends so when she called we weren’t prepared for something like this. The one thing that popped into my head after her phone call was, I didn’t pull any cards today, wonder what those would have been? Talk about being a total nerd sometimes, but it’s true, and it still nags in my mind that it would have been interesting to see what I would have seen or interpreted it as. If I would have seen any issues either in the oracle or in the tarot, but I’ll never know and maybe that is just as well. I don’t like walking around being worried about things I can’t do anything about anyway, and maybe it wouldn’t be a clear message either so whatever would happen could be just about anything. It was bad enough that year when everything was happening in 2011 and first my dad dies, then my husband and daughter is having open heart surgery. I knew things was going to happen, but I wrote it off as me being scared something would happen to daughter, not something would happen to hubby, and even then I had messages in the cards and even a dream that I still can recall parts of. And they all say, clear as day, that this would happen. Easy to say with all the facts in front of you…

I pulled some interesting cards today too, but I still don’t know what they will turn out to be. Time will tell, but for now I’m off doing some other stuff in the regular world of being a parent… laundry and expecting young one home from school soon. For some reason she want me to meet her so something is up, whatever it is, and I’m not pulling extra cards for it! Not one chance!

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Love and heartache, spring is in the air and all that. Young one is growing up and soon there will be heartache for her too when boys are more interesting than now. We’ve all been there sometime I guess, that one special person that we have a secret crush on. They are a part of life, but hopefully we will find that special someone who will treat us right and we can share our lives with.

Strange Valentine

Mend-a-Broken-Heart Fairy

I pulled some cards from the Oracle of Shadows & Light again (see previous post Oracle of Shadows & Light), and today it was on the subject of love and lost love you could say. The first card was Strange Valentine and the second Mend-a-Broken-Heart Fairy. The first card talks about love, and that love, or the subject for it, might not look the way we thought it would from the beginning. They spoke about healing old wounds from past relationships, especially the long-term, serious ones. And many of us have been there maybe more than once in our lives. But this card stressed the fact that even if this new love or friendship doesn’t seem to be our “type” to begin with, maybe we shouldn’t brush it off at an instant. Love is really strange and wonderful they add.

The other fairy is here to help us mend our broken hearts. She says that it’s time to accept those small gestures of kindness because those will do more for us than years of therapy ever will. A friendly and loving hug, treating ourselves gently, we are healing but don’t try to rush it just to get over it soon. The fairy adds that whatever created this wound could have been a lovers’ quarrel or perhaps unrequited love, a break up or a love adventure turning harsh. She tells us to take it easy on the path of love for some time. Just take a break for all those shoulds and take a bath or watch an old movie.

It is a little odd, or maybe not, that these cards would show up today of all days on a whole year. There is a beautiful day outside, somewhat chilly but bright sunshine over the snow and not so windy. But yesterday (March 30) would have been my late husbands 50th birthday and today it is 6 years since my dad went out for a walk and almost back home fell to the ground and never returned home. Same fantastic weather and so many things to look forward to that all of a sudden ended in tragedy and deep sorrow. But we heal, one day at a time, we come back to what is considered normal even if memories pop up now and then and make us long for those lost. But life goes on and so do we, slow or fast doesn’t matter, things take time and it is different for all of us.

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Well, nothing much going on really. The day to day stuff goes on, and fast enough I think because soon it is both winter solstice and christmas eve, and it feels like I should be done with so many things before that. The truth is that it’s not that much really, just me that has in my mind that I will be done with certain things before the holidays.

Today is one of those days when I tried to make a gingerbread dough. I have never in my entire life made a gingerbread dough myself before until today. When I was a kid, and way up in my teens, my mum used to make that dough and then we helped out to bake them out and not burn them into a crisp when you forgot how fast they are done! These are things we tend to remember with a special feeling now when I’m a lot older myself and have my own young lady that is trying to create traditions. So, tomorrow it will be gingerbread baking if nothing unexpected happens. The problem today with getting the dough done is that it requires quite a lot of extra concentration and focus when you read the list of ingredients and the amounts, especially since I was just making half of it. Then try to concentrate when the cat comes into the kitchen meowing and not taking no for an answer when you give him a fast cuddle and try to go back to reading and measuring. Nope, that is not accepted when you have a cat that wants to play! So continued meowing, strokes around my legs and just being cuddly until I gave in. Tried to find a fun toy and threw it so he could chase it. The result? He looked at me as if I was somewhat lacking intelligence. He didn’t want to play by himself, did he?!

October My bag!

October My bag!

Let out a sigh, looked around some more and found one of his oldest toys. From the beginning, some three years ago or so, it was one of those that is to hang in the doorway and they can jump and chase it there. Well, as time went by this poor thing started to become a little worn and that elastic got shorter and shorter. Today it is tied and taped to a plastic rod, once belonging to another toy long since gone and it works just fine. So, back to the kitchen. There I stood with the rod loosely in one hand and tried to measure spices and other stuff while a happy cat twisted around my feet and chased said toy. Well, it is probably as they say, if you are a parent (or perhaps having a cat) you start to be able to handle that part of multitasking. Not everyone does it I guess, and not many stand making gingerbread dough and making the cat happy at the same time! But I made it, or at least I think so. Time will tell when we have tried baking with the dough and tasted the first cookies. If they taste funny I know who is to blame! The individual in question is 3 years 4 months, male, has black fur, yellow eyes and doesn’t listen to the name Licorice.

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Lucky for me I didn’t promise any fantastic writing with several new things each week, or even regular posts at all. There has been things going on, on energy level too, that has kept me from writing very much. I don’t know, perhaps it is the darker and shorter days, the fact that this last week has been crazy with sleeping and dreaming. Blame it on the Super Full Moon? But here I am, finding something easy to write about finally. Yes, I have been thinking of several things to write about, but then I have found that it was too complex, or as with Starlight Dragon Tarot, I haven’t even tried it out yet so I can’t say very much about it. Today will be my first try, a dragon tarot for a day of the full moon, couldn’t be any better, or at least I hope so. Taking another step forward with finding new ways of working with tarot perhaps.

I’ve been having a lot of fun learning the basics and some fun stuff to do with runes lately. It will take me lots more time to really get the hang of them, but today I made a set of my own runes from stones I’ve found on the beach, and I made a wishing rune too. The last one isn’t so hard to do really, you pick a stone or any other material that nature can break down later, or perhaps burn it? I picked a small, pretty small stone, that shape that you can throw sandwich with. Then you paint the Ing-rune or your initials with the rune letters and there you have it. Hold it, visualize or at least keep in mind what your wish is, keep it in your purse or pocket until the wish comes true. When it has, trow it in running water, bury it, or just throw it into a forest. If I would make them from wood it could probably be burnt too.

Another great thing with today was the letter that arrived. It was from Lisa Hunt, she had a competition a while back at her Ghosts & Spirits Tarot page on Facebook where you could win a card from that deck. Turned out that we weren’t that many entering so each one of us got a card from it, and since I had completely forgot it, I had a pleasant surprise on this grey and listless day. What card I got? Temperance, a card for balance and healing mostly if I’m to interpret it. I had to look it up, yes I have the deck, to see what the story in it was all about. It was about the Swan Maiden, they can shape-shift into humans by shedding their feathers, and sometimes mortal men confiscated their feathers to make them stay. If the maidens could find their feathers again, they would change back and return to their flock. The divinatory meaning was: “Balance and harmony will guide you between conscious deliberation  and the deeper waters of the unconscious. This is a time to let go of the ego and submerge into the waters of deeper insights and inner reflection.” So here we go, on the day of the full moon, and a message like that. Seems like it’s about time to pick myself up and get some things moving again, that said with a smile on my face.

Ooops, seems like this day has all of a sudden sneaked away faster than I thought. Time to do some inventory on what is missing in the kitchen, we need some dinner here in a couple of hours. Young one coming home and in need of food again. And if someone happens to know how to deal with the problem adding photos and images I would appreciate it. It’s driving me nuts! For some reason it refuse to add files here, on Facebook and even my e-mail, so some form of glitch or setting that has been lost or set wrong? Help?

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