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So, long time ago again… I don’t know, there has been some things I’ve thought that “I’m going to write about this!” and then the time isn’t there for it and other things are more important to take care of. Like family, daughter and her school, homework and all that. It’s spring here, even if the winds are really cold, but it’s May and I’m not surprised really.

Otherwise in the world of pagan and tarot then. In the pagan world of mine I’m slowly trying to introduce young one to things here and there, not trying to make her a pagan, just giving her stories and such to ponder about. She still laughs a great deal when she comes to think of poor Pooka who was so afraid of Trick or Treaters instead of the real ghosts. I translated that one for her since she doesn’t know enough of this language to get the whole story, but it’s coming and they are getting better and better. One day she will be able to read those stories herself.

At the tarot side of my world there has been a little on and off. Reading, thinking and trying to find the way that is mine and how I want to work with this. Would I be able to go for something towards pro or just have it as something to do as an extra. And this blog… what to do and what to write about. The latter part has been going around some in my brain, like trying to put my own thoughts on different subjects. And just to start with something I read Tarot and the age of consent by Theresa Reed. Lots of things there to consider, absolutely, and to start thinking about how it would be here where I live. There are of course similarities, but is there any differences between the US and Sweden? Have to check that out I think. Another thing that popped up in my head when reading was the young one, she knows about my tarot and all that, but she’s not asking me to do any spreads for her yet, if she ever will is still to see. But if she would ask, or if any of her friends would when they reach their teens, how will I handle it that day? Part of it will probably depend on the question at hand. I mean, if it’s about finding out if that special person is interested in them I will probably tell them to ask the person in question instead or teach them some stuff me and some of my friends did with ordinary playing cards when we where around 12 maybe. At least you can have some fun and play around and not making it so serious. Something else would probably be if I know how the parents feel about it without even asking. If their faith or any sort of belief is against things like these I would have to really see if there is some  other way to help without using the cards. Much to think about and now about time to do something else. Just ending this with some tarot related humour from DonnaLeigh:

DLs doodles emergency3


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