Paranormal TV-shows

Yes, I watch those from time to time, at least when time allows. That doesn’t mean that I accept everything they say and do without questioning. I wrote about that in an earlier post back in 2014, Paranormal, by the way. There are those that are good, but also those who has a reputation that is somewhat tainted. I was reminded of that now that a tv-channel here in Sweden started to run the new episodes of Most Haunted. It has run previous years but then it ended, but before that there was some things appearing that indicated, or they said to have proof of, that some things wasn’t right and that the incredible amount of paranormal happenings could have some help that wasn’t caught by the camera. Sure, it is interesting when things go bump and things happens, but you have to be a little logical and have a fair share of common sense and skepticism too. Like old houses for instance, if it is timber you have to take into account that temperatures and humidity can make them “talk” and it can really go bang. It can happen with stone and concrete too I’ve noticed during the years. Then there are a lot of other things to add to this picture, how you move, what is moving outside or something reflects in a window or cast a shadow that you didn’t think about. So just to take this new part of Most Haunted as an example there was a lot of known faces, but somewhat older then, and then some new. One was some kind of host for a show that I guess wasn’t unknown for the British viewers, he was there as a skeptic and the logical side. A demonologist that I can’t remember the name of right now, but he is well known in those parts. Then there was one who represented the “hysterical lady”, the one who screams as soon as she even thought something could be a sound or a “ghost”. And wanted to get the flashlight lit for even the smallest thing. I usually try to avoid being judgemental or have a preconceived idea about people if I can avoid it, but this lady gave the “dumb blonde” a new meaning… I’m sorry Leah, or whatever your name was, but I hope you are an actress who got paid to act like a goose (sorry to the geese too) and scream hysterically as soon as it was even a possibility of a sound or movement.

The place was in Wales, The Tivoli Venue, and had some bad history in it’s past. It had been a fire there sometime during the 1940’s and at least one person died. No nice death, and there were still a lot of places damaged and not done anything about , just renovating the parts where they ran a bar and some other things. It was said that several people haunted the place. There was a whistle that could be heard, and it was said to be a ghost, but since that couldn’t be proved it could just as well be someone from the team that stood there, just like other things that just as well could be created by real people and not a spirit. One of the guys, Stuart, was very emotional and went outside for a while, and when he returns we are finally told that he had heard a voice telling him to get out of there or he would die. Sure, it could have been a ghost/spirit, but maybe not meant as Stuart would actually die, but since others had died it could have been the memories of this spirit, or an emotion, that was expressed. It was said somewhere during the program that it had been a place for gallows not far from there before this building was built, so there could be a lot “stored” there. He later went into the mens room by himself with a camera to shoot. There it was a faucet going off by itself and also a hand dryer that went off twice. At first I thought that the hand dryer was one of those going off with some form of sensor, but it was clearly too old for that kind of technical stuff, but something made it go off and even if it is a technical glitch I can understand that someone who sits there alone in the dark is jumping out of his skin when that thing starts behind your back!

Well, I’m going to watch the coming shows and see what happens, if nothing else I’ll get a good laugh out of it because of their hysterical screaming and their conviction that the slightest sound is a haunting.


Day to day at Yuletime

Well, nothing much going on really. The day to day stuff goes on, and fast enough I think because soon it is both winter solstice and christmas eve, and it feels like I should be done with so many things before that. The truth is that it’s not that much really, just me that has in my mind that I will be done with certain things before the holidays.

Today is one of those days when I tried to make a gingerbread dough. I have never in my entire life made a gingerbread dough myself before until today. When I was a kid, and way up in my teens, my mum used to make that dough and then we helped out to bake them out and not burn them into a crisp when you forgot how fast they are done! These are things we tend to remember with a special feeling now when I’m a lot older myself and have my own young lady that is trying to create traditions. So, tomorrow it will be gingerbread baking if nothing unexpected happens. The problem today with getting the dough done is that it requires quite a lot of extra concentration and focus when you read the list of ingredients and the amounts, especially since I was just making half of it. Then try to concentrate when the cat comes into the kitchen meowing and not taking no for an answer when you give him a fast cuddle and try to go back to reading and measuring. Nope, that is not accepted when you have a cat that wants to play! So continued meowing, strokes around my legs and just being cuddly until I gave in. Tried to find a fun toy and threw it so he could chase it. The result? He looked at me as if I was somewhat lacking intelligence. He didn’t want to play by himself, did he?!

October My bag!

October My bag!

Let out a sigh, looked around some more and found one of his oldest toys. From the beginning, some three years ago or so, it was one of those that is to hang in the doorway and they can jump and chase it there. Well, as time went by this poor thing started to become a little worn and that elastic got shorter and shorter. Today it is tied and taped to a plastic rod, once belonging to another toy long since gone and it works just fine. So, back to the kitchen. There I stood with the rod loosely in one hand and tried to measure spices and other stuff while a happy cat twisted around my feet and chased said toy. Well, it is probably as they say, if you are a parent (or perhaps having a cat) you start to be able to handle that part of multitasking. Not everyone does it I guess, and not many stand making gingerbread dough and making the cat happy at the same time! But I made it, or at least I think so. Time will tell when we have tried baking with the dough and tasted the first cookies. If they taste funny I know who is to blame! The individual in question is 3 years 4 months, male, has black fur, yellow eyes and doesn’t listen to the name Licorice.

Another step

Lucky for me I didn’t promise any fantastic writing with several new things each week, or even regular posts at all. There has been things going on, on energy level too, that has kept me from writing very much. I don’t know, perhaps it is the darker and shorter days, the fact that this last week has been crazy with sleeping and dreaming. Blame it on the Super Full Moon? But here I am, finding something easy to write about finally. Yes, I have been thinking of several things to write about, but then I have found that it was too complex, or as with Starlight Dragon Tarot, I haven’t even tried it out yet so I can’t say very much about it. Today will be my first try, a dragon tarot for a day of the full moon, couldn’t be any better, or at least I hope so. Taking another step forward with finding new ways of working with tarot perhaps.

I’ve been having a lot of fun learning the basics and some fun stuff to do with runes lately. It will take me lots more time to really get the hang of them, but today I made a set of my own runes from stones I’ve found on the beach, and I made a wishing rune too. The last one isn’t so hard to do really, you pick a stone or any other material that nature can break down later, or perhaps burn it? I picked a small, pretty small stone, that shape that you can throw sandwich with. Then you paint the Ing-rune or your initials with the rune letters and there you have it. Hold it, visualize or at least keep in mind what your wish is, keep it in your purse or pocket until the wish comes true. When it has, trow it in running water, bury it, or just throw it into a forest. If I would make them from wood it could probably be burnt too.

Another great thing with today was the letter that arrived. It was from Lisa Hunt, she had a competition a while back at her Ghosts & Spirits Tarot page on Facebook where you could win a card from that deck. Turned out that we weren’t that many entering so each one of us got a card from it, and since I had completely forgot it, I had a pleasant surprise on this grey and listless day. What card I got? Temperance, a card for balance and healing mostly if I’m to interpret it. I had to look it up, yes I have the deck, to see what the story in it was all about. It was about the Swan Maiden, they can shape-shift into humans by shedding their feathers, and sometimes mortal men confiscated their feathers to make them stay. If the maidens could find their feathers again, they would change back and return to their flock. The divinatory meaning was: “Balance and harmony will guide you between conscious deliberation  and the deeper waters of the unconscious. This is a time to let go of the ego and submerge into the waters of deeper insights and inner reflection.” So here we go, on the day of the full moon, and a message like that. Seems like it’s about time to pick myself up and get some things moving again, that said with a smile on my face.

Ooops, seems like this day has all of a sudden sneaked away faster than I thought. Time to do some inventory on what is missing in the kitchen, we need some dinner here in a couple of hours. Young one coming home and in need of food again. And if someone happens to know how to deal with the problem adding photos and images I would appreciate it. It’s driving me nuts! For some reason it refuse to add files here, on Facebook and even my e-mail, so some form of glitch or setting that has been lost or set wrong? Help?

Long time

Yeah, I know, I’ve been away almost a year… that wasn’t my intention really. But it just happened. I felt stressed out over things going on in my life, and stress and me isn’t really the ideal combo these days, so I lost my inspiration, motivation or any other -tion I can’t come to think about right now. So, today I finally decided I wouldn’t let this blog disappear without any notice or let all the things I’ve been writing here before go away out into nothingness. I have tried to write before, at least I’ve had it in my mind that I was going to write about something that felt important or inspiring to me, and then something else needed my attention and then I lost it again. And here I am, asking myself if this will be my come back or if it will last for a week or a month and then I’m gone again. Honestly? I don’t know, that is all I can say right now, I really don’t know. There are lots of things I could write about, things I read, talk about with friends, what happens in my life, paganism, tarot and what not. It’s just a question of me finding the time, that I have loads of really, and most of all the motivation and inspiration. So if it’s not coming every day, or even once a week, I’ll try to get here and write something. Or see if I can find some photos that those of you who stumbles over this blog might like to see.

I got to read some interesting things, by “chance” perhaps, but they hit a familiar feeling inside of me anyway. One was another blog about a woman who had been into the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), she was so eager to attend everything she could, do as much as possible and all of a sudden she lost it, the inspiration and love for it all. But it wasn’t sudden really, it came sneaking up on her slowly and all of a sudden it blows up in our faces, and I could understand where she came from. I have a habit of getting to engaged and want to do everything at times too, and then I completely lose my spark and longing to learn and do more. Put everything down that I have been doing and can’t find inspiration or happiness in it for a long time. That particular writing of Tina Degenhart is called Battling Burnout and perhaps it can be of help to someone else too. Maybe I’m not as far as really burnt out, but I have been doing and wanting to much in a short time period, forcing myself to do more and more. I noticed that recently, or actually this spring and summer, when I stumbled over The Magical Circle School, it’s a great place really when you want to learn more about paganism, but not just being fed what to think and believe. Perhaps not for everyone, but that is the way it is, we have all different paths and ways of learning, and this particular way suits me. I loved doing the Entrance Exam, this is where they let you find your ways around this place, how it works, how they want you to do things when sending in your assignments and such. Yes, it is pretty much a school in that way, but most of these things you can do at your own pace, with a few exceptions. I finished my EE pretty fast considering the amount of things that has to be worked through, and continued with taking a Creating your Book of Shadows class as the first one after the EE. Fun, easy, started out my BoS, first “real” BoS in my life. Continued with some intro courses on the Wheel of the Year, the Moon and some others. Great fun. Then I took one that really is interesting. Correspondences of Spellcrafting 101. You know when you read books or on the internet, you are served a lot of magical correspondences for colors, numbers and what not. But have you ever taken the time to consider why they are associated with those things mentioned there, or how they came up with it? I hadn’t really, and this is why it made it so interesting. The thing is there are many who want to take this class, so the teacher had to put a time limit to it, 30 days. It’s not impossible, not at all, but it requires a lot of work and discipline on your end to make it. So I realised when I had done that and some others that I was about to do the same mistake all over again. Too much in a short time and somehow telling myself that I have to go faster, do this or that class in a certain time so I could jump onto the next as fast as possible. As if all these classes would go away if I didn’t take them in time… Luckily enough for me I made myself aware of it this time, so I’m going slower, a lot slower, and almost feel contempt for myself for being a “sissy” and slowing down so much as to do at the tops one assignment a month. Taking three classes at the same time right now, continued with Correspondences of Spellcrafting 102 and also working on Runes 101 and Basic Elements 101. Fun, I learn loads and getting a better understanding of myself as a pagan and where things are coming from.

Oh, yeah, runes. I’ve tried to learn those before, but this time I thought that it could be fun to actually work with them more. So considering I was joining the Kickstarter campaign for PookieCat runecards (Maria van Brüggen) it was a chance to work with them and the runestones I got with them. And as if runes wasn’t enough I’ve added several tarot decks during this time I’ve been away. I bought a used copy of Hudes Tarot, I got Chrysalis (still making my mind up about that one), I got the PookieCat Cat-rot cards (love them, they are lots of fun), the Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan, and latest addition is the Starlight Dragon by Nora Huska and Steph Engert. Oh, and I actually bought a new oracle deck, the Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco. I’ve got my hands full if I want to write something in here I think. And talking about writing, I should probably end this here or no one will have time and energy to read all my ramblings. Seems like I’ve missed this chance of writing whatever pops up in my mind lately. Perhaps I could introduce all my new decks and talk about the classes I’ve taken at the TMCS? If anyone is up to reading it that is… oh heck, who cares? I’ll write about it anyway! Just because I want to, when I want to. Hope to be back here soon again. Now, off to do some necessary errands before young one is home from school again.

Negative equals evil?

I should probably write about Lucia instead, since it is the day for it. But I don’t feel like it so head over to Joanna Powell Colbert and Gaian Soul because she has some really good writing about it. And yes, I’m going to add photos for November also in a day or two.

So, I’ve spent a lot of time online to watch paranormal investigation programs… hold on, got to get my bread out of the oven!

And back again, I hope they turned out good. Where was I? Oh yes, paranormal. There are a lot of those programs around on tv and on the internet. Good and bad, interesting and, well, not so interesting. But something that seems to come back in some TV-shows sent in the US as far as I’ve seen, and I’m not saying that all of them are like this, but those I’ve seen so far have shown a lot of it. Have you any other good ones to share so be my guest and add a link to them in the comments below. I’m not going to add links or give names here, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine. Is it only me, or have the demons and devils, preferably with a capital D, sort of magnified with later years? At the beginning it was more like finding out if a place was  haunted, trying to prove or debunk, and if it was find something to show it was and who/what. And it was ghosts, spirits, entities and not a question if they were evil or not to begin with.

More and more it’s about getting physical proof, preferably scratches or other marks on your body. And if they happen to knock or give three scratches it’s a demon or other bad entity. So if I knock on a door rapidly three times, am I a demon/evil entity then? Why do we try to find evil in all places all of a sudden? If you investigate a hospital for the mentally ill that’s been there a long time, wouldn’t it be pretty obvious that who or whatever is there might be confused and not knowing where and why they are there? It has nothing to do with evil then, just confused and aggressive spirits that might do the same thing they did when they were still alive. And we can’t just oversee with the fact that we ourselves can create certain things because we expect it to be so. Strange sounds, well abandoned buildings and old houses can create a lot of noise and bumps all by themselves. Trust me, if you ever lived in an old house with timber you know they have a habit of talking to themselves and no spirits involved at all. So why go all wide-eyed and look like a fool because you think it was a spirit making that noise?

I’ve been looking at a TV-show all new to me, and I’m not at all impressed so far. One of the participants is so jumpy he would see/hear/feel entities all over the place if someone told him that the place was supposedly haunted, in broad daylight too. If I sent him to the house where my dad grew up and told him I’ve heard/felt something there he would go evil and portals all over the place probably. Yes, there have been things happening there, and the Gods only know what has happened there long before there was any permanent living there either. But all in all it’s a very friendly place as far as I can tell. A little scary late nights in fall and winter when there is not much light besides the stars and the moon. But if you are already… how should I say this? If you already, in your mind, is convinced there is a haunted place, you can create a lot all by yourself. You interpret sounds and add your own feelings and fears to it and all of a sudden you have a whole different meaning to it. But it might be a lot more mundane and non-spiritual than you want to think. Not everything that is dark is evil, that would be terrible if that was the case. So is it mostly to sell the show that you do that, presume/make things that is dark evil just because it sells better?

One episode of a show they went to Ireland and a cave that had something to do with the goddess Morrigan. One of the members immediately asked if she was “demonic” since what is known about her isn’t that cuddly and nice all the time. The woman who presented the place for them tried to explain some about this goddess but the guy went on with “is she demonic?” To some, she probably will be seen as that, and all the other gods and goddesses in the world not belonging to the almighty father of christianity and his son. But please, just stop interpreting all you can’t see or understand as evil or anything beginning with a D. Yes, there are dark energies, entities and such, but not automatically evil. The dark has always scared humankind more or less and there has always been attempts to explain and understand that part, but naming it evil just because you don’t understand it or you are afraid of it wont help.

And yes, there are probably different dimensions, portals between those too and a lot of other stuff, but not all over the place and at every place that are presumed haunted. And yes again, you can create and invoke things you can’t handle if you haven’t got an idea of what you are doing/”playing” with. I like the paranormal stuff, but not the ones where they are just trying to find evil D and trying to make every sound into a spirit. I would like to be able to follow a group of people with their heads screwed on right about this and see for myself how they work with this. One day perhaps.


Pooka needs help



The creator of Pooka Pages, Lora Craig-Gaddis, needs our help. Yes, I know, lots of people in the world needs our help and we can’t help them all. So, if you feel like you can spare 1 dollar it can make a difference, and if you can’t (and you don’t have to make up any official excuse, if you can’t, you can’t and that is the way things are now and then) you could light a candle and send some love and positive thoughts their way.

What happened is that Lora’s’ husband suffered a severe stroke at the beginning of this month and ends wont meet for Lora with paying bills, be there for her husband and be able to work with her Pooka Pages and not having the money her husband would have put into all this. I know how time- and energy consuming things like these are and if just some weight are lifted from her shoulders life will be easier for her at this time. Could we, pagan or not, show her some appreciation and support and make her goal come through and some more? I’ve sent a small donation since I’m not having much money myself, but I love reading about Pooka and his Elsie and translate it for my daughter so that is part of why I give something anyway.

For the GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/rgbmz6tw

Blessings to all of you, wherever and whoever you are.

Pooka and Elsie

Pooka and Elsie

“Deck the halls with…” no, not just yet. I just got my Samhain/Halloween stuff off last week. But it does start to creep in on you, doesn’t it? A little hard to imagine it though, at least for me. I would like to have some snow now, thank you. Making things a little brighter too. And perhaps making my daughter want to walk home from school by herself in the afternoons. She’s afraid of the dark and feel much more comfortable having company with me or friends, but it isn’t always any friends going the same way at the end of school. But earlier this week I asked her to start walking from school and I was going to come and meet her somewhere along the way. She had actually come quite a bit on her way when we met, and after a little while of chatting about this and that she told me that she had asked/imagined her dad and granddad to keep her company and holding her hands until she would see me. It worked apparently, if they were there for real or not (dead both of them) doesn’t matter to me, if that made her feel safe, it works for me.

Winter 2014

Winter 2014

But going into the coming of holidays in December then. I’m not going to go around being all tingly and with shiny eyes at all the stuff jumping at me from all directions, commercials for kids that their parents must buy this and that, and the more it costs the better. I’m not going to run around like crazy already, there will be plenty of chances for that later. Actually I’ve been given the chance to be an admin in a small Facebook group that is about together finding and learning about the pagan way. We’ve started out in a small way with going into the topic about who or what is a Witch? Do you call yourself that, or do you feel you are one? And if not, what do you think/call yourself? Will be interesting when everyone who’s asked to be a member of the group starts piping up a little. Then me and the founder of the group started looking at Yule/Joule/Jul/Winter Solstice or whatever we call it here in the northern parts of the world. I kind of like it, there is a lot to read, consider, compare and learn from, and I find that I have forgotten some stuff and being reminded when I look for facts and other things are new to me. Love that part of learning and sharing what I find.

For example I’ve been diving into the texts of Mike Nichols about the Sabbaths in general and each and everyone by themselves, I found some other stuff about the Oak King and Holly King, reindeer’s and all that from this page. I’m going to add some more and hope the others have something to add too. Hopefully something that isn’t geared so much towards wicca, but some other path of paganism. And if there could be some songs, food and drink, rituals and all that. Would love to see more of that. I found some stories actually, have translated them too for those in the group that doesn’t feel too confident in this language, the first one is from Sparkle Stories and is called The Candleberry Elf. The other one is The Yule Fairies, and I hope my daughter will like to hear them both.

Geek Nerd Dork

Geek Nerd Dork

Yes, I’m getting quite a nerd, or is it geek, when it comes to things that interests me, and I’ve got plenty of time to work on this just because I think it’s fun. If someone else benefits or is helped by it, so much better. And I hope I’m not scaring any of the new people off with all the stuff I’ve added. On the other hand I’ve told them that this isn’t supposed to be learnt from memory or reading all of it at once, it’s just there to give you a chance to get some idea of what this is all about, a different perspective than the Christian one, and where many of our traditions come from, before the coming of big C. Geek, nerd or whatever, I’m having fun. Off to do some more translating and writing.