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I know, I could write about something else, but actually I don’t know what right now. There was some days here when I just pulled cards and didn’t write anything, but that has to do with family issues really. My mum tripped over a chair and broke her hip again, so me and brother have been trying to help her out with necessary things in her home and things she can’t do on her own otherwise. Hopefully she’ll be back on her feet soon again. Something positive is that at least it’s spring and there won’t be a lot of ice and snow to keep her inside while she’s healing again.

So, Oracle of Shadow & Light again then. As I’ve said, I’ve pulled cards daily, except for that day when mum took the fall… Me and daughter was visiting some friends so when she called we weren’t prepared for something like this. The one thing that popped into my head after her phone call was, I didn’t pull any cards today, wonder what those would have been? Talk about being a total nerd sometimes, but it’s true, and it still nags in my mind that it would have been interesting to see what I would have seen or interpreted it as. If I would have seen any issues either in the oracle or in the tarot, but I’ll never know and maybe that is just as well. I don’t like walking around being worried about things I can’t do anything about anyway, and maybe it wouldn’t be a clear message either so whatever would happen could be just about anything. It was bad enough that year when everything was happening in 2011 and first my dad dies, then my husband and daughter is having open heart surgery. I knew things was going to happen, but I wrote it off as me being scared something would happen to daughter, not something would happen to hubby, and even then I had messages in the cards and even a dream that I still can recall parts of. And they all say, clear as day, that this would happen. Easy to say with all the facts in front of you…

I pulled some interesting cards today too, but I still don’t know what they will turn out to be. Time will tell, but for now I’m off doing some other stuff in the regular world of being a parent… laundry and expecting young one home from school soon. For some reason she want me to meet her so something is up, whatever it is, and I’m not pulling extra cards for it! Not one chance!


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I recently made a trade with a friend, different tarot and oracle decks that I have found not useful for me. They have never spoken to me really, and the same problem for my friend. So, said and done, we offered some decks each of us and sent them off to their new homes. One of the decks I picked was this oracle deck, Oracle of Shadows & Light from Lucy Cavendish and art by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Something made me feel drawn to it, even if the art isn’t usually the kind I go for. My thought was that if I don’t connect with it I’ll just sell it or trade it for something else, but this one is a keeper I think.

Anyway, I decided yesterday that I would pull a card just for a general idea of what the day had in store for me, if there was any special pointers. When I shuffle my decks like that, I have a habit of looking both on the top and bottom card, the top card is somewhat the more obvious things that you can spot fairly quick and the bottom card can be something a little less obvious or hidden. My way of working with the cards so nothing anyone has to adopt and use because its some sort of requirement. The cards I pulled talked about change and a need of cleaning up around me. So my thoughts was along the line that, well, its spring and there are some stuff that I should take care of in the home, but it’s also the pure energetically cleaning that can be required and changes on a personal level so I thought that whatever will happen happens.

Mildew Fairy

I Am Kali

And it did happen, just not the way I might have imagined it. Daughter and one of our adult friends came out from her room and told me they had seen some bug in her bed. Small one, but a bug. So, it’s spring and all kinds of little creatures starts to wake up and I asked them to show me, but naturally that little one had run off somewhere. I would have done so too I guess, if a pair of giants had started shaking up my life lol Daughter couldn’t imagine being in her room even if that bug was so small it was practically invisible so I asked her to start shoving her plushies and all down in plastic bags, put them outside, and also remove the sheets and pillows in her bed. Said and done, and then I continued to remove stuff from the floor, got a big box out that’s been taking up lots of space and throwing out papers, collecting games and other things spread about. Done with that it was the cats hate object, the vacuum cleaner, he doesn’t like it at all. When I went back to the cards I had pulled and read the interpretations of them I started laughing, it was clearly a cleansing and it was both physical and energetical. It felt like we had a lot more air and space in her room when I was done, but still dusting and removing more stuff before the spring cleaning in there is finished. I’m looking forward to see what the next daily draw will point out and how accurate it will be. Love these cards and the book that comes with them.

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And who is Tierney Sadler?! A reasonable question for non-tarot people I admit. She’s the one who created The Deck of 1000 Spreads and if you want to learn more about her and what she does take a look at her blog, The Daily Draw, where you can read more about her and tarot. And I have to mention she’s made a Lenormand deck too. No, not a tarot deck, more like an ordinary deck of cards but with pictures. There’s a lot of interest in that nowadays, but I have come to the conclusion that it’s not for me, not at this time anyway. Take a peak at Aeclectic to get some ideas of different decks, or Wikipedia for more about Marie Anne Lenormand, and of course Tierney Sadler’s.

But back to tarot then, that was what I had in mind. The heat that we had for a week or so didn’t help with coming up with something to write about and then we’ve had a couple of days with really cold winds, rain and just want to get some more clothes on again. But now it looks promising, the sun has come back and the sky is blue, only some cold northern winds still here. So, I got the thought that I would try this Deck of 1000 Spreads to help me out with an idea for the blog and tarot today. Grabbing this deck and pulling a card. Turns out to be a card that says “Card of the Day“! Fitting perhaps, just that half the day is already gone, but who cares really?

What does this deck look like then? I’ll add two photos with my own cards and the card I pulled for today, and then there is of course lots of others to see here on the internet.

Deck of 1000 Spreads examples

Deck of 1000 Spreads examples

They are made for helping out when it comes to positions and what they are named for spreads that we might not use often and not wanting to have a paper on the side to help out with it. And then there is always to create new spreads or make a twist on the ones that is already in use. Tierney have made these cards in different colors to help us find what we need. I’m going to use some of her explanations from the book so it won’t be so confusing:

Green Cards: Topic, Theme or Plot – simply what the reading is about and all the green ones can be used as topics for our readings.

Blue Cards: Influences, Story Elements or Plot Twists – what influences the reading topic, gives information about “what to look out for, what to do, and how the story will unfold”.

Orange Cards: Characters or People – people and relationships that have an influence in the reading or play a major role.

Purple Cards: Timing – past, present, future, leave in the past, bring with us to the future

Red Cards: Outcomes or Endings – these are the cards that tie up the reading, outcome, end of story.

There is a great book coming with this that explains more about how to use the cards in different ways and some spreads that we can use and change at our own will and need. Tierney made sure to give us lots of examples with photos so we can understand how she’s been using them and ways to work with them and leaving us free to come up with more ideas, and if we feel so inclined, telling her how we used them and for what. I might not use them all the time but when I run out of ideas or need to find a spread for a special occasion they will come in handy. Just need a bag for them.

But if we just have a headline on the cards, wouldn’t that make it fairly narrow in how we can use them? Not necessarily. That is a thing Tierney was thinking about when she created this. She looked up the most often used positions and made it into fifty-nine cards. Just to take todays card “Card of the Day” it also says like this:

Indicates the day’s general energies or what spirit wants you to know. This can be a single-card reading or you can pull follow-up or clarification cards.

On another one called “Future Life” (purple) we can read:

Indicates something relevant to a future lifetime, based on what’s left unaddressed in this one. Usually placed to the right of the topic card.

We don’t have to be this super-pro to use these cards, they give us some hints and help on the way if we get stuck. Not with the actual… help! I lost the word. Someone? Interpretation! Thank you! …interpretation of the card we pulled but what the position can be all about, and on some she also gives some idea of where to put it in relation to some of the others, as Topics for instance, or past, future. If you have a chance, take a look at it yourself and try it out. One of my friends found this very interesting but with a sigh she wished it would be in our language too, it would’ve been easier for her and others not really fluent in this one. True, even for me it can come to a moment of not remembering, or finding the right word. And all the words and names of things I’ve never even knew anything about. A very real example above, and it wasn’t something to make you laugh, it was real! The word slipped my mind like a wet soap in a bath tub!

CoD Druidcraft

CoD Druidcraft

My Card of the Day (CoD)? I pulled Three of Pentacles from the Druidcraft deck and well, it’s about doing things today, me trying to finish some things before Friday for example. I have promised daughter a very sweet bracelet for her last day at school and I better see that it is finished until then. No fun with a disappointed daughter who’s been waiting for this very special day. The dishes wont happen by itself either… anyone willing to come and help out? No, I don’t have a dishwasher, I am the dishwasher here. The maid, mum, therapist, massage therapist, scratcher of backs and whatever else I can come to think of. In short, I’m the Mum!

Oh, an update about the owls. They are still around so obviously I haven’t really found the things I should be doing to satisfy whatever spirit world have in mind for me. In one of the many books I own it says (sorry about any strange wording, trying to translate it from swedish):

“Make use of your wisdom. Your gift is to bring your own wisdom and tradition on. Here it’s about you spreading your wisdom through writing or speaking.”

And, for those of you who don’t believe in dragons, except for fairy tales, stop reading here. There is a big black one, or at least dark, who sat at the other side of my bed one night while I read a bedtime story about dragons for daughter. It had some ideas and comments about the dragon in the book, something about “dragons don’t do that” or “dragons don’t act like that”. I guess I have to find out what it wants too one of these days.

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