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So, daughter and lots of other kids have their summer holiday from today. Great for them really, they need to have some time off and just be kids. Question is, how much patience will we have with each other? I don’t have a job and not a lot of money either, but there is many things one can do if weather and creative ideas get a chance. And perhaps there are things going on that we can take part in without a lot of money.

Just to have some fun I pulled out some of the cards from Deck of 1000 Spreads to help out, and my dear Druidcraft. So following cards from Tierney’s came out: Situation (green), What to Know (blue), Relationship (orange), Outcome (red) and for each of those I had Ten of Pentacles, Seven of Swords, Four of Pentacles, Princess of Cups.

Situation with Ten of Pentacles tells me that it will be a lot of family get together, me and daughter mostly, but also grandparents to visit and help out with things. That will be my escape some days so I can go ahead and do whatever I want and need to do also. So situation normal so far. Nothing really out of the ordinary.

What to know and Seven of Swords. Well, I do like to have time of my own and it might not be so much of that part if I don’t use the evenings and late nights. No bigger problem here really, there is almost midnight sun up here this time of year. But I will have to think things through before I rush of and do something so it might be some more gray hairs showing up, nothing unusual there either. And I take my chances with late nights to do my own work.

Relationship together with Four of Pentacles. That was sort of interesting. What are we opening here to put away or bring out? Not a can of worms I hope… rather something we either want to put away or open up for in our lives this summer. I have a strange feeling about we are trying to store things away and when we do that we stumble over something that we need to deal with me and daughter. Some old “secret” or something that haven’t been brought up yet.

Outcome shows Princess (Page) of Cups so it seems we will still be around when fall comes. Perhaps in better balance then we started out with, relaxed, more harmonious and emotional balance restored. Opening up for emotions in a way that we haven’t done before, or not in a long time. And young one will have taken one more step in her own growth. Working to find her own ways and path of life.


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And who is Tierney Sadler?! A reasonable question for non-tarot people I admit. She’s the one who created The Deck of 1000 Spreads and if you want to learn more about her and what she does take a look at her blog, The Daily Draw, where you can read more about her and tarot. And I have to mention she’s made a Lenormand deck too. No, not a tarot deck, more like an ordinary deck of cards but with pictures. There’s a lot of interest in that nowadays, but I have come to the conclusion that it’s not for me, not at this time anyway. Take a peak at Aeclectic to get some ideas of different decks, or Wikipedia for more about Marie Anne Lenormand, and of course Tierney Sadler’s.

But back to tarot then, that was what I had in mind. The heat that we had for a week or so didn’t help with coming up with something to write about and then we’ve had a couple of days with really cold winds, rain and just want to get some more clothes on again. But now it looks promising, the sun has come back and the sky is blue, only some cold northern winds still here. So, I got the thought that I would try this Deck of 1000 Spreads to help me out with an idea for the blog and tarot today. Grabbing this deck and pulling a card. Turns out to be a card that says “Card of the Day“! Fitting perhaps, just that half the day is already gone, but who cares really?

What does this deck look like then? I’ll add two photos with my own cards and the card I pulled for today, and then there is of course lots of others to see here on the internet.

Deck of 1000 Spreads examples

Deck of 1000 Spreads examples

They are made for helping out when it comes to positions and what they are named for spreads that we might not use often and not wanting to have a paper on the side to help out with it. And then there is always to create new spreads or make a twist on the ones that is already in use. Tierney have made these cards in different colors to help us find what we need. I’m going to use some of her explanations from the book so it won’t be so confusing:

Green Cards: Topic, Theme or Plot – simply what the reading is about and all the green ones can be used as topics for our readings.

Blue Cards: Influences, Story Elements or Plot Twists – what influences the reading topic, gives information about “what to look out for, what to do, and how the story will unfold”.

Orange Cards: Characters or People – people and relationships that have an influence in the reading or play a major role.

Purple Cards: Timing – past, present, future, leave in the past, bring with us to the future

Red Cards: Outcomes or Endings – these are the cards that tie up the reading, outcome, end of story.

There is a great book coming with this that explains more about how to use the cards in different ways and some spreads that we can use and change at our own will and need. Tierney made sure to give us lots of examples with photos so we can understand how she’s been using them and ways to work with them and leaving us free to come up with more ideas, and if we feel so inclined, telling her how we used them and for what. I might not use them all the time but when I run out of ideas or need to find a spread for a special occasion they will come in handy. Just need a bag for them.

But if we just have a headline on the cards, wouldn’t that make it fairly narrow in how we can use them? Not necessarily. That is a thing Tierney was thinking about when she created this. She looked up the most often used positions and made it into fifty-nine cards. Just to take todays card “Card of the Day” it also says like this:

Indicates the day’s general energies or what spirit wants you to know. This can be a single-card reading or you can pull follow-up or clarification cards.

On another one called “Future Life” (purple) we can read:

Indicates something relevant to a future lifetime, based on what’s left unaddressed in this one. Usually placed to the right of the topic card.

We don’t have to be this super-pro to use these cards, they give us some hints and help on the way if we get stuck. Not with the actual… help! I lost the word. Someone? Interpretation! Thank you! …interpretation of the card we pulled but what the position can be all about, and on some she also gives some idea of where to put it in relation to some of the others, as Topics for instance, or past, future. If you have a chance, take a look at it yourself and try it out. One of my friends found this very interesting but with a sigh she wished it would be in our language too, it would’ve been easier for her and others not really fluent in this one. True, even for me it can come to a moment of not remembering, or finding the right word. And all the words and names of things I’ve never even knew anything about. A very real example above, and it wasn’t something to make you laugh, it was real! The word slipped my mind like a wet soap in a bath tub!

CoD Druidcraft

CoD Druidcraft

My Card of the Day (CoD)? I pulled Three of Pentacles from the Druidcraft deck and well, it’s about doing things today, me trying to finish some things before Friday for example. I have promised daughter a very sweet bracelet for her last day at school and I better see that it is finished until then. No fun with a disappointed daughter who’s been waiting for this very special day. The dishes wont happen by itself either… anyone willing to come and help out? No, I don’t have a dishwasher, I am the dishwasher here. The maid, mum, therapist, massage therapist, scratcher of backs and whatever else I can come to think of. In short, I’m the Mum!

Oh, an update about the owls. They are still around so obviously I haven’t really found the things I should be doing to satisfy whatever spirit world have in mind for me. In one of the many books I own it says (sorry about any strange wording, trying to translate it from swedish):

“Make use of your wisdom. Your gift is to bring your own wisdom and tradition on. Here it’s about you spreading your wisdom through writing or speaking.”

And, for those of you who don’t believe in dragons, except for fairy tales, stop reading here. There is a big black one, or at least dark, who sat at the other side of my bed one night while I read a bedtime story about dragons for daughter. It had some ideas and comments about the dragon in the book, something about “dragons don’t do that” or “dragons don’t act like that”. I guess I have to find out what it wants too one of these days.

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