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I recently made a trade with a friend, different tarot and oracle decks that I have found not useful for me. They have never spoken to me really, and the same problem for my friend. So, said and done, we offered some decks each of us and sent them off to their new homes. One of the decks I picked was this oracle deck, Oracle of Shadows & Light from Lucy Cavendish and art by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Something made me feel drawn to it, even if the art isn’t usually the kind I go for. My thought was that if I don’t connect with it I’ll just sell it or trade it for something else, but this one is a keeper I think.

Anyway, I decided yesterday that I would pull a card just for a general idea of what the day had in store for me, if there was any special pointers. When I shuffle my decks like that, I have a habit of looking both on the top and bottom card, the top card is somewhat the more obvious things that you can spot fairly quick and the bottom card can be something a little less obvious or hidden. My way of working with the cards so nothing anyone has to adopt and use because its some sort of requirement. The cards I pulled talked about change and a need of cleaning up around me. So my thoughts was along the line that, well, its spring and there are some stuff that I should take care of in the home, but it’s also the pure energetically cleaning that can be required and changes on a personal level so I thought that whatever will happen happens.

Mildew Fairy

I Am Kali

And it did happen, just not the way I might have imagined it. Daughter and one of our adult friends came out from her room and told me they had seen some bug in her bed. Small one, but a bug. So, it’s spring and all kinds of little creatures starts to wake up and I asked them to show me, but naturally that little one had run off somewhere. I would have done so too I guess, if a pair of giants had started shaking up my life lol Daughter couldn’t imagine being in her room even if that bug was so small it was practically invisible so I asked her to start shoving her plushies and all down in plastic bags, put them outside, and also remove the sheets and pillows in her bed. Said and done, and then I continued to remove stuff from the floor, got a big box out that’s been taking up lots of space and throwing out papers, collecting games and other things spread about. Done with that it was the cats hate object, the vacuum cleaner, he doesn’t like it at all. When I went back to the cards I had pulled and read the interpretations of them I started laughing, it was clearly a cleansing and it was both physical and energetical. It felt like we had a lot more air and space in her room when I was done, but still dusting and removing more stuff before the spring cleaning in there is finished. I’m looking forward to see what the next daily draw will point out and how accurate it will be. Love these cards and the book that comes with them.


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So, just to change from the previous subject of the week we’ll jump over to something else, on the spirit side. Or is it?

Charlie Charlie

Charlie Charlie

I don’t know, this Charlie, Charlie challenge hasn’t really made me excited in any way. Feels more like, been there done that. But when I was in my early teens or so, it was called Bloody Mary. Some of you might remember it, when you had a friend (or several) in the bathroom and you would turn off the light, except a candle, and try and stare into the mirror and chanting Bloody Mary three times. She was supposed to show herself in the mirror. What usually happened was one or two ran out from there screaming because they thought they had seen her. We all know that probably they had seen one of the others move, or perhaps their nerves got the better of them and their imagination ran off with them. Mostly it was a way to get a scare, because you wanted to have it in some way. To be real honest I didn’t do this very often, a couple of times at the most, and I wasn’t impressed either.

Interesting to read about the challenge and what is behind it all when it comes to this Charlie. I hope he isn’t real since even spirits must grow tired of people asking for their presence at all times, or at least I imagine so. I found an article on Live Science about it that talked about this and at Snopes.

On Live Science they try to explain how this phenomenon works, and I’m not going to argue against it, it’s like working with pendulums sort of, you can use your will and tiny movements of your fingers or hands to make it move in any way you want really. Not that you are aware of it all the time. Perhaps that is why I’m not using a pendulum much these days, I know I can make it answer whatever I like and I don’t know if I’m going to trust it. Divination rods are a little different in my world. Ok, they are also sensitive to movements, or if you go around searching water you walk around so holding them firm enough to keep them from twisting all over your hands but loose enough so they can move is a delicate balance act. Yet I know that I’ve found out things by using them and got confirmation that I was right so maybe our physical body acts as a conductor for the energy field that is sent out by water and other sources like that and those rods just give us the indicating tool, just as you would use some electrical gadget to get the same answer? Just my thoughts, if anyone believe something else it’s a free world.



Ouija is also mentioned at Live Science as something controlled by our own minds and movements we’re not aware of. Maybe and maybe not. I don’t argue against the fact that it could be the participants that makes it move, a glass or the planchette doesn’t matter, but could it be something similar as the divination rods? We get the messages because our physical bodies react to something in the energy around us? Just thinking out loud here so it’s not a fact or proof for something. I’ve never been one to play around with Ouija either. Never felt any need for it. And then there is that thought in my mind that, if there is a spirit world, or some other dimension we get in touch with at times like that, we don’t know what or who they really are. Some things that happens when, lets say teenagers, play around with stuff like that, is they scare each other many times and they jump really high at ordinary sounds and lights flashing by. But there are times when there is something strange happening and maybe they open up a door/portal to something that they don’t know anything about and because of that they aren’t capable of handling it. Whatever it is or not, don’t meddle with things you don’t know how to handle. You might get more than you are prepared for and then calling someone to help you out might not be so fun after all. At least not explaining why you did things that people have been warning others from doing all over the place for years.


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Scary word, huh? No, I’m not suicidal and I hope I haven’t anyone among my friends that I see a lot that feels like that without giving me some kind of hint that they need help, or just want to talk. I seem to be that kind of person who people that feel a need to vent about their problems and sorrows turn to. Perhaps because I listen, or at least let them talk, until whatever is on their mind is out in the air and not just in their minds. Does it feel good? Do I feel like a better person because of it? Not really, not always at least. It can become a very heavy burden and something that can drain my energy levels incredibly much if I’m not prepared for it and can put up some kind of mental shield so I’m not taking it in on all levels. Made that mistake recently and the day after I felt like I had been having a night out with friends except the hung-over. Or at least that is what I think I would feel like. But if it was of some help to that person I can live with it this time, next time I’ll meet them I’ll remember to not let those energies suck my own energy out.

So suicide then. As far as I know there’s none among my close family or friends that’s taken that way out of whatever made them feel it was the only way, not that I can come to think of right now. I was talking to a friend  yesterday when she got a text message from one of her daughters, one of her friends that she had lost contact with in later years had ended his life, 18 years old. He left parents, a younger brother and his boyfriend behind because for some reason he couldn’t go on any longer and he obviously didn’t want to or couldn’t make people understand how bad he felt. Not even the psychiatric ward where he was at could stop him… One wonders what is going on in this world of ours nowadays. He isn’t the first and probably not the last, so what is making these young people end their life in belief that there is no other way out of whatever problems and misery they live in. Is this world so selfish, so focused on me and mine, that everything is going to go fast, faster, technology before humanity and empathy, that we kill those who aren’t strong enough or can put up a mental shield to protect themselves and go on, following main stream society, adapting and pretending to be someone that fit in and do whatever everyone else do? Leaving their dreams and whatever else behind just to survive?

It’s a hard subject and some will have a very harsh view on it, that they are condemned to whatever punishment someone who ends their own life will suffer in the afterlife. But will that make anyone happier? Does it clear our own conscience? No, probably not. The questions of why, could I have done something, seen it coming, and all those are still there. The sorrow isn’t getting any less for those who are left behind because they have to stay behind and try to find the answers to why. And no, I’m not one of those who thinks that there will be some punishment in any kind of afterlife, rather it will be healing and trying to understand why things turned out the way they did and what could have been done instead. It might cause sorrow and grief for them too when they realise what they have caused their family and friends, but it’s something that might have to be done so they can move on and have peace with themselves and their choice. Some of us believe in reincarnation, that we will be reborn in another life, and some things we choose as a lesson for each life and if we didn’t learn it in a previous one it will come back in the next. Is it a way of comfort and lessen our sorrow or is it a reality? I don’t know, and I’m not going to try and answer it here either. I’m just sorry that there is one young person less in the world that might have been able to make a difference in some way if he had stayed a little longer. Rest in Peace, and hope you will find a way to go on just as your family and friends have to.

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I don’t know what to make of this week so far. I’ve heard others complain or just making a statement that life ain’t really going their way. Tired, headache, diffuse ache in the body and being emotional and having reactions on things that are said and done beyond the “normal”. Are we talking about this ascension that seems many talk about a little here and there, or is it this Mercury retrograde or just dark moon energies?

I can only talk for myself, Wednesday a headache that was close to a full-blown migraine and sooo tired I couldn’t stay awake when I had seen daughter off to school. It was a little better when she was back home and we made some dinner, but then that feeling of headache and no energy left came back. And as the sweet little darling she is, she went into the kitchen and made some warm milk for me and hoped it would make me feel better. It did get better, just about when it was time for me to find my bed. Thursday started without headache at least, but now it felt like I’d been doing some work-out or such, at least that is what my shoulders and back told me and today, Friday, it feels like a mix of Wednesday and Thursday. Tired and a hint of headache that threatens to become worse if I try to do much more tonight.

I’ve talked with a dear friend of mine that knows a lot more about things like these than I do and she’s feeling it too. But what are we going to do to find out what is going on? Anyone reading this who knows or have a clue? Or at least an interesting theory? I just want it to be over with so I can have some energy back and not feeling so drained. If I can dig up some energy tomorrow and nothing else comes in the way, I will do some sort of cleansing of my home and see if that can be of some help. And I hope the weather will be ok too so I could go out for a walk. That is part of the problem too, not being outside enough, but cold rain and then it’s slush and a thin layer of ice that’s just waiting for you to make a new interesting dance and impossible moves just because you don’t really fancy the idea of falling and hitting that wet and slippery ground.

Oh well, maybe time to finish this off since I really haven’t much more to say other than it’s time to be a little witchy in a couple of days and see if I can help my mum out and find some way she can get her apartment sold and at least come out of it without having a big depth waiting. And before I forget, it’s only another 4 cards to go now and I’ve done all of the Around the Tarot book! Really looking forward to when I can say it’s the last card.

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Me and mornings ain’t really on the best terms, not this day either. Felt really tired and this time of year it doesn’t get better with the fact that it’s still dark outside and will be for some time now. But at Yule, midwinter or whatever you want to call it, it will turn again and give us longer days again. Daughter on the other hand had one thing that she was looking forward to, they are going to take swim-lessons today with her class and when she discovered that there was snow outside she was really fast. But it is easier to get going with the snow, it brightens up the days so I hope it’ll stay. It kept snowing, big soft flakes for a couple of hours and then the sun came out a little so it’s been a good one so far.

As most of us know you don’t have to make special rituals or prepare things for hours just to feel connected with nature and everything around us so I decided that after I had a talk over the phone with one of my friends I was going to do some grocery shopping and getting a walk to refresh myself and just soak in some fresh energy. I grabbed the camera on my way out and this is one of the things I found

Not every year one can get a photo like this, mostly the birds have eaten all or most of the berries at this time of year. Things like these makes me happy, feeling closer to nature and the Goddess even if She is resting now in this part of the world. I kept walking and even if there is traffic close by I could still feel that fantastic feeling of my aura just expanding with this wonderful energy. Like I was twice as tall and expanded in all directions. Almost wondering how come no one seemed to see that radiance that should be almost visible. What I noticed a couple of seconds later was this, a rainbow that started to form in the opening among the clouds… magical this time of year.

We could try and pretend we don’t see all the stuff in the lower part of the photo, but I didn’t want to edit it either so… When I was done with my groceries the clouds had covered that spot too so I’m lucky I had a chance to see it. Wonder how many that actually saw it, or took the time to look. Usually we are in such a hurry, or at least we think we are, that we haven’t got the time to really look around and see the beauty in all that is. If you really try to you can find it in the most unusual and unexpected places. Rainbows are special if one start to read about them, it’s the trail behind Iris between heaven and earth, leprechaun’s and Bifrost, rainbow warriors and much more probably.

And that makes me think of things like energy around us. What a difference it makes with small changes, if you feel that an area in your home feels low and everything seems stuck there it’s hard to really feel something positive. And then you decide to do something about it and all of a sudden the same space is completely changed. The air is easier to breathe, you feel happier and things that’s been feeling so hard to do suddenly just do it by themselves more or less. I know I feel much happier and things are moving again, what has been stuck suddenly moves along. The same with this snow outside today, it makes more light when the days are shorter and that makes it special for me and many others. Probably why we persist and still live up here.

With this feeling of new energy (not only the coffee that kicked in) it will be fun to make some dinner today and maybe I even can find some inspiration to do those last cards from the book Around the Tarot in 78 Days. But now off to get daughter from school and preparations for dinner.


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