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I know, I could write about something else, but actually I don’t know what right now. There was some days here when I just pulled cards and didn’t write anything, but that has to do with family issues really. My mum tripped over a chair and broke her hip again, so me and brother have been trying to help her out with necessary things in her home and things she can’t do on her own otherwise. Hopefully she’ll be back on her feet soon again. Something positive is that at least it’s spring and there won’t be a lot of ice and snow to keep her inside while she’s healing again.

So, Oracle of Shadow & Light again then. As I’ve said, I’ve pulled cards daily, except for that day when mum took the fall… Me and daughter was visiting some friends so when she called we weren’t prepared for something like this. The one thing that popped into my head after her phone call was, I didn’t pull any cards today, wonder what those would have been? Talk about being a total nerd sometimes, but it’s true, and it still nags in my mind that it would have been interesting to see what I would have seen or interpreted it as. If I would have seen any issues either in the oracle or in the tarot, but I’ll never know and maybe that is just as well. I don’t like walking around being worried about things I can’t do anything about anyway, and maybe it wouldn’t be a clear message either so whatever would happen could be just about anything. It was bad enough that year when everything was happening in 2011 and first my dad dies, then my husband and daughter is having open heart surgery. I knew things was going to happen, but I wrote it off as me being scared something would happen to daughter, not something would happen to hubby, and even then I had messages in the cards and even a dream that I still can recall parts of. And they all say, clear as day, that this would happen. Easy to say with all the facts in front of you…

I pulled some interesting cards today too, but I still don’t know what they will turn out to be. Time will tell, but for now I’m off doing some other stuff in the regular world of being a parent… laundry and expecting young one home from school soon. For some reason she want me to meet her so something is up, whatever it is, and I’m not pulling extra cards for it! Not one chance!


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Stalked by Owls


Owl (Photo credit: JamesieAB)

Or at least it feels like it. It started out a week ago when I was with a friend of mine just walking around looking at things, planning for what would be fun to change at home if the money would allow it. And I found a tablet with owls, a pillow and all of a sudden there was a whole bunch of owls published on Facebook. This Friday I went to find a birthday gift for a young boy that I don’t know much about really. So what does boys in the age of 8-10 like these days? Help! Ok, off to a store where they sell toys for all ages and just to get my mind off it for a moment I went into another store where they sell flowers, pots, decorations and whatever one can have need of when it comes to that. And there is owls! Again.

So what’s about the owls then you might think. Sometimes when our brains start focusing on something you start to see them everywhere, nothing special about that, it will pass. It probably will, but as the geek, nerd, dork or whatever the label can be, I started to read from different sources and found some things about owls, or what they can symbolize in different cultures. In short they are about knowledge, wisdom, the darker aspects, the Crone aspect of the Goddess and things in that way. And my thoughts and feelings about it all was: Ouch! So, if we take it from the side of the owls really are telling me

Geek Nerd Dork

Geek Nerd Dork

something, giving me a message, it would be something along the way of “Get your butt out of there and start writing, start sharing your knowledge no matter if you think it’s nothing worth, that just about everyone can find that out in books, internet and all kinds of sources. But I use my words, my thoughts and feelings and that is the difference. Maybe someone out there reads my words, get an aha-moment because I use different ways of telling it, explaining?

Ok, whatever one wants to believe, I will try to pick up this with writing again. It has just felt that I had nothing to say, and when I had something to say I couldn’t get to the computer. But maybe, just maybe I can find some time now. At least before the summer really kicks in, then we’ll see what happens.

Now I’m off to ponder if I can afford Tierney Sadlers The Deck of 1000 Spreads or if I’m going to buy Book of Shadows Tarot – So Below. Just one of them or both?

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