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Oh, and that is? I guess  there are some going off right now. In this case it’s a challenge stretching over a month.

Of course, that’s why it’s called a monthly challenge, but then what?

I found this on Instagram thanks to a friend that had started it too. A monthly challenge could really be about anything, to publish a photo each day of a special theme or motif, or answer a question every day about  yourself or some specific area.

This monthly challenge had the tag #TarotMentors and have three specific dates, the 1st, 11th and 21st. What you are supposed to do on June 1st is to pick a tarot deck you wanted to work with, shuffle the cards and pull a card. This is a mentor card, a card that contain a special lesson or message for us. It can turn out very differently depending on what kind of person you are, what deck you use and all the other factors that can have a saying in it. The idea is that you are to work with this card until June 11th, then you pick a new mentor card for a 10-day period. I might add that you can pick a card yourself, instead of the random choice, maybe you have some sort of “stalker” card and want to have an idea of what it has to tell you, take your chance.

But what? Are you just supposed to sit there with a card, one and the same, to meditate, think and try to understand what it want to tell you for 10 days?!

No, each day, or at least a couple of times during these days, you are supposed to take out your mentor card, put it back in the deck you are using, shuffle the cards until you are satisfied, and then look it up. You turn the cards face up just to make it easier, and search the deck until you find the mentor card, pick that out and the two cards that are beside it on either side. These two neighboring cards are cards that together with the mentor card will give some extra information for the lesson or message that you need to deal with. And this is what I’m planning to do, hopefully with one every day if nothing else happens.

This is what I’ve got so far, just on the second day, so… my mentor card is the 10 of Air from Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.

Gaian Tarot #TarotMentor

June 1, 2017 Gaian Tarot

Tonight I pulled my mentors card for the 10 days to come, it became the Ten of Air from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert. What would it like to make me think about really? This isn’t the typical RWS picture with someone on the ground with the 10 swords sticking out their body, instead you see an evening or morning sky where the sun is low outside the picture and it colors the clouds in shades of yellow and pink. Over this picture there is a V-formation of geese, forming that familiar plow, and they look like silhouettes.

Air for me is the element of thoughts, ideas, and the intellectual areas really. It has the not so positive sides too of course, to not thinking things through or using words to hurt or harm or cause problems. Communication is important, but sometimes you have to broaden your horizons with it too, not stay put in one place. Get some perspectives on where you are and where you are heading, not stay on the ground and put your head into the nearest bush and pretend that the world doesn’t concern you.

June 2, 2017

The cards flanking the mentor card today is The Fool and Seven of Fire. Something that deals with starting something new or finding a new path and something that seem to be about creating, to shape or re-shape something.

The Fool card is in some ways a traditional RWS card. The stick with that bundle on it, that you see the person standing higher up, but then it differs. This is clearly a girl or young woman and she’s standing looking out over the landscape that spreads out below, fully aware of the fact that it’s steep here, even though grass is softer than the cliffs and rocks. Instead of a dog it is a fox and swallows darting around like acrobats in the air. A river winds its way and show that even if we have some sort of goal set in our minds, maybe the way there isn’t as straight as we would like or wish for sometimes. Just like water we might have to take the best way, the one with the least resistance, just to have a chance to get to our destination.

Seven of Fire would in a RWS have been Wands, and had a completely different look. If I don’t remember all wrong, that card has a person standing higher up and seem to be fighting off or challenging some others below, those might not always be visible, but you can see their spears or wands directed towards the person standing higher up on a rock or something. This card is a smith, a female one, standing there hammering on a piece of glowing iron. Something is about to be created, re-shaped, turning to something new out of the old. We can be both the creator and the thing being created, formed after need and desire, formed after life and the experiences we get along the way. The fire is both destructive and creative, the question could be, what is to be created? Are we helping out or just standing there and follow someone else’s direction, being led without any will of our own, or is this my will, what I want and really feel that I want to create? What do I really want? Where do I want to go, what do I want to create, achieve?


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I know, I could write about something else, but actually I don’t know what right now. There was some days here when I just pulled cards and didn’t write anything, but that has to do with family issues really. My mum tripped over a chair and broke her hip again, so me and brother have been trying to help her out with necessary things in her home and things she can’t do on her own otherwise. Hopefully she’ll be back on her feet soon again. Something positive is that at least it’s spring and there won’t be a lot of ice and snow to keep her inside while she’s healing again.

So, Oracle of Shadow & Light again then. As I’ve said, I’ve pulled cards daily, except for that day when mum took the fall… Me and daughter was visiting some friends so when she called we weren’t prepared for something like this. The one thing that popped into my head after her phone call was, I didn’t pull any cards today, wonder what those would have been? Talk about being a total nerd sometimes, but it’s true, and it still nags in my mind that it would have been interesting to see what I would have seen or interpreted it as. If I would have seen any issues either in the oracle or in the tarot, but I’ll never know and maybe that is just as well. I don’t like walking around being worried about things I can’t do anything about anyway, and maybe it wouldn’t be a clear message either so whatever would happen could be just about anything. It was bad enough that year when everything was happening in 2011 and first my dad dies, then my husband and daughter is having open heart surgery. I knew things was going to happen, but I wrote it off as me being scared something would happen to daughter, not something would happen to hubby, and even then I had messages in the cards and even a dream that I still can recall parts of. And they all say, clear as day, that this would happen. Easy to say with all the facts in front of you…

I pulled some interesting cards today too, but I still don’t know what they will turn out to be. Time will tell, but for now I’m off doing some other stuff in the regular world of being a parent… laundry and expecting young one home from school soon. For some reason she want me to meet her so something is up, whatever it is, and I’m not pulling extra cards for it! Not one chance!

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Lucky for me I didn’t promise any fantastic writing with several new things each week, or even regular posts at all. There has been things going on, on energy level too, that has kept me from writing very much. I don’t know, perhaps it is the darker and shorter days, the fact that this last week has been crazy with sleeping and dreaming. Blame it on the Super Full Moon? But here I am, finding something easy to write about finally. Yes, I have been thinking of several things to write about, but then I have found that it was too complex, or as with Starlight Dragon Tarot, I haven’t even tried it out yet so I can’t say very much about it. Today will be my first try, a dragon tarot for a day of the full moon, couldn’t be any better, or at least I hope so. Taking another step forward with finding new ways of working with tarot perhaps.

I’ve been having a lot of fun learning the basics and some fun stuff to do with runes lately. It will take me lots more time to really get the hang of them, but today I made a set of my own runes from stones I’ve found on the beach, and I made a wishing rune too. The last one isn’t so hard to do really, you pick a stone or any other material that nature can break down later, or perhaps burn it? I picked a small, pretty small stone, that shape that you can throw sandwich with. Then you paint the Ing-rune or your initials with the rune letters and there you have it. Hold it, visualize or at least keep in mind what your wish is, keep it in your purse or pocket until the wish comes true. When it has, trow it in running water, bury it, or just throw it into a forest. If I would make them from wood it could probably be burnt too.

Another great thing with today was the letter that arrived. It was from Lisa Hunt, she had a competition a while back at her Ghosts & Spirits Tarot page on Facebook where you could win a card from that deck. Turned out that we weren’t that many entering so each one of us got a card from it, and since I had completely forgot it, I had a pleasant surprise on this grey and listless day. What card I got? Temperance, a card for balance and healing mostly if I’m to interpret it. I had to look it up, yes I have the deck, to see what the story in it was all about. It was about the Swan Maiden, they can shape-shift into humans by shedding their feathers, and sometimes mortal men confiscated their feathers to make them stay. If the maidens could find their feathers again, they would change back and return to their flock. The divinatory meaning was: “Balance and harmony will guide you between conscious deliberation  and the deeper waters of the unconscious. This is a time to let go of the ego and submerge into the waters of deeper insights and inner reflection.” So here we go, on the day of the full moon, and a message like that. Seems like it’s about time to pick myself up and get some things moving again, that said with a smile on my face.

Ooops, seems like this day has all of a sudden sneaked away faster than I thought. Time to do some inventory on what is missing in the kitchen, we need some dinner here in a couple of hours. Young one coming home and in need of food again. And if someone happens to know how to deal with the problem adding photos and images I would appreciate it. It’s driving me nuts! For some reason it refuse to add files here, on Facebook and even my e-mail, so some form of glitch or setting that has been lost or set wrong? Help?

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Yeah, I know, I’ve been away almost a year… that wasn’t my intention really. But it just happened. I felt stressed out over things going on in my life, and stress and me isn’t really the ideal combo these days, so I lost my inspiration, motivation or any other -tion I can’t come to think about right now. So, today I finally decided I wouldn’t let this blog disappear without any notice or let all the things I’ve been writing here before go away out into nothingness. I have tried to write before, at least I’ve had it in my mind that I was going to write about something that felt important or inspiring to me, and then something else needed my attention and then I lost it again. And here I am, asking myself if this will be my come back or if it will last for a week or a month and then I’m gone again. Honestly? I don’t know, that is all I can say right now, I really don’t know. There are lots of things I could write about, things I read, talk about with friends, what happens in my life, paganism, tarot and what not. It’s just a question of me finding the time, that I have loads of really, and most of all the motivation and inspiration. So if it’s not coming every day, or even once a week, I’ll try to get here and write something. Or see if I can find some photos that those of you who stumbles over this blog might like to see.

I got to read some interesting things, by “chance” perhaps, but they hit a familiar feeling inside of me anyway. One was another blog about a woman who had been into the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), she was so eager to attend everything she could, do as much as possible and all of a sudden she lost it, the inspiration and love for it all. But it wasn’t sudden really, it came sneaking up on her slowly and all of a sudden it blows up in our faces, and I could understand where she came from. I have a habit of getting to engaged and want to do everything at times too, and then I completely lose my spark and longing to learn and do more. Put everything down that I have been doing and can’t find inspiration or happiness in it for a long time. That particular writing of Tina Degenhart is called Battling Burnout and perhaps it can be of help to someone else too. Maybe I’m not as far as really burnt out, but I have been doing and wanting to much in a short time period, forcing myself to do more and more. I noticed that recently, or actually this spring and summer, when I stumbled over The Magical Circle School, it’s a great place really when you want to learn more about paganism, but not just being fed what to think and believe. Perhaps not for everyone, but that is the way it is, we have all different paths and ways of learning, and this particular way suits me. I loved doing the Entrance Exam, this is where they let you find your ways around this place, how it works, how they want you to do things when sending in your assignments and such. Yes, it is pretty much a school in that way, but most of these things you can do at your own pace, with a few exceptions. I finished my EE pretty fast considering the amount of things that has to be worked through, and continued with taking a Creating your Book of Shadows class as the first one after the EE. Fun, easy, started out my BoS, first “real” BoS in my life. Continued with some intro courses on the Wheel of the Year, the Moon and some others. Great fun. Then I took one that really is interesting. Correspondences of Spellcrafting 101. You know when you read books or on the internet, you are served a lot of magical correspondences for colors, numbers and what not. But have you ever taken the time to consider why they are associated with those things mentioned there, or how they came up with it? I hadn’t really, and this is why it made it so interesting. The thing is there are many who want to take this class, so the teacher had to put a time limit to it, 30 days. It’s not impossible, not at all, but it requires a lot of work and discipline on your end to make it. So I realised when I had done that and some others that I was about to do the same mistake all over again. Too much in a short time and somehow telling myself that I have to go faster, do this or that class in a certain time so I could jump onto the next as fast as possible. As if all these classes would go away if I didn’t take them in time… Luckily enough for me I made myself aware of it this time, so I’m going slower, a lot slower, and almost feel contempt for myself for being a “sissy” and slowing down so much as to do at the tops one assignment a month. Taking three classes at the same time right now, continued with Correspondences of Spellcrafting 102 and also working on Runes 101 and Basic Elements 101. Fun, I learn loads and getting a better understanding of myself as a pagan and where things are coming from.

Oh, yeah, runes. I’ve tried to learn those before, but this time I thought that it could be fun to actually work with them more. So considering I was joining the Kickstarter campaign for PookieCat runecards (Maria van Brüggen) it was a chance to work with them and the runestones I got with them. And as if runes wasn’t enough I’ve added several tarot decks during this time I’ve been away. I bought a used copy of Hudes Tarot, I got Chrysalis (still making my mind up about that one), I got the PookieCat Cat-rot cards (love them, they are lots of fun), the Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan, and latest addition is the Starlight Dragon by Nora Huska and Steph Engert. Oh, and I actually bought a new oracle deck, the Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco. I’ve got my hands full if I want to write something in here I think. And talking about writing, I should probably end this here or no one will have time and energy to read all my ramblings. Seems like I’ve missed this chance of writing whatever pops up in my mind lately. Perhaps I could introduce all my new decks and talk about the classes I’ve taken at the TMCS? If anyone is up to reading it that is… oh heck, who cares? I’ll write about it anyway! Just because I want to, when I want to. Hope to be back here soon again. Now, off to do some necessary errands before young one is home from school again.

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I know, weird headline, and I have to write this all over again because something happened and I lost all that I had written already, was just going to edit, and of course I hadn’t saved it either…

Front Rider Waite

Front Rider Waite

So the weekend has been intense with daughters birthday party and all, so when she had gone to sleep yesterday I was reading The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan (same author as for the Percy Jackson books and movie if you are familiar with those). All of a sudden I start thinking of when I met, and listened, to James Wanless at SF Bats in 2007. He talked among other things of a different way of doing a spread. Instead of the usual way you thought about the question, looked through the deck and picked out the cards you feel relates to it. Look at those cards, remember what they are (3-5 cards I think he said was a good number), and then you put them back in and start shuffling. Now over to the next step, and what got me thinking about front or back. I would like to remember front, that instead of starting to deal the cards out in a usual spread, you take one card at a time from the bottom and face up and go on until you reach the first of the cards you picked in the beginning. The idea is that all the cards that goes before are things you have to deal with in one way or another before you get to what you asked for. For example, you ask about money and cards like King of Pentacles or 9 of Pentacles might be interesting, then you deal the cards until one of those show up. And sometimes it will be few cards and at others it might be almost the whole deck.

Back Universal Waite

Back Universal Waite

I had to go into the living room to find my diary to find out about this, but I hadn’t written it down if you went from the top or bottom of the deck so I’ll go with the bottom. Another thing I found with this back and front was the day after Bats when we visited the Tarot Salon. Lots of people that day too, and among them Dan Pelletier from Tarot Garden. He had a bag of cards that we were going to grab one card from and then pair up with someone. I ended up with Pamela Eakins, creator of Tarot of the Spirit with Joyce Eakins. Now we were going to interpret the card we held in our hands to the other one – but not the front. We were going to use the back of the cards. Nerves skipping around the whole place, me a total stranger and her being a creator of a tarot deck! It went well, haltingly, but well.

It was great fun to read the diary and remember the places and the people. Los Angeles, Jeannie, The Bodhi Tree, Kira, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Fransisco, Golden Gate Park, Mary K Greer, Thalassa, Julie Cuccia Watts, Joanna Powell Colbert and so many others. Not to mention all the interesting places to find this and that from books to tarot, pagan stuff and all the other things. Oh for a time machine and a lot of money, and a way to get it all home. One day perhaps I will be able to go back and meet with some places and people again, hopefully with daughter along.

Now it’s time to get out in the sunshine and enjoy the day, dealing with some necessary stuff.

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So, yesterday was Mabon, Fall Equinox or whatever we chose to call it around the globe. The day was ok to begin with, when it came to weather at least, but about midday it was pouring so I felt sort of thankful for not having to get out at that point anyway. Food and dessert didn’t need any more ingredients as far as I could tell then at least.

This is a time for balance, dark and light is equal, but now the light is fading more visibly and we might feel less inclined to start new projects and such. Time for some thinking, going within and figure out what has been done this year so far, second harvest and all. I found several interesting spreads to choose between, but finally decided to go with two spreads and both by Rowan Pendragon/Jess Carlson from her e-book Mabon.

Mabon Let Go

Mabon Let Go

First spread is called Let Go and consists of four cards, top row card 1 and 3, bottom 2 and 4. Simple. Oh, and I picked out The Hidden Realms deck (am I the only one who tends to mix it up with Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi?) that I haven’t used for a while now and this is what I felt it was telling me. Bottom card is Nine of Pentacles and top Strength.

First card is about what needs focus right now, and I got The Lovers. So that might be right actually. And no, I’m not thinking along the lines of I have to find someone new in my life so I will have some love in it. I have love, my daughter, family, friends and lots of others I could start listing here. But no again, I believe that if there is to be a new man in my life it will be one day, time will tell, but I’m not that kind of woman who needs someone to hold my hand and guide me through life. Not yet anyway, come back when I’m old and demented perhaps. No, I think I need to take care of myself more. There has been so many things circling about others needs for a time. Oh yes, I’ve got time to myself it’s not that, it’s more like ok, daughter is still growing, she needs clothes of course, but so do I! At least I need new jeans so I can be around people without apologizing for the patches here and there. I like those jeans, they are so comfy, but sometimes, well, you need to look a little better dresswise. So some more attention to myself might be in place, to show myself that I’m important too.

What can I freely let go of, but I don’t see it? This is Four of Swords, in a RWS deck you would see a figure laying on a marble slab with a sword on top and some other swords hanging or lying around it. Here it’s a young person surrounded by four butterflies that he/she is looking at. I could probably let go of my choice to keep to myself as much. Young one is growing up and spending more time with her friends so I don’t need to be around as much as before. I could take my time to transform my self imposed ”loneliness” and look at the world around me. What do I want to do? Sure I could go around trying to listen to what nature and spirits have to say, but it doesn’t generate much money in the long run if you don’t use it in some way that pays, and I’m not at that level of psychic really. Have to think about this some more actually.

Third card might be of some help then, Two of Pentacles for what still need some clarity. This fairy lies on her tummy resting her chin in her right hand looking at two yellow flowers in front of her. But just as you can see the flowers and the leaves and stem above ground, there is a root system below that sustains them. So it’s not just about finding out the obvious outer things, it’s about things that are hidden or inside of me that needs some more clarity too. Parts of me, but on different levels sort of. What can need clarification that is not just on the outside but also nourishes me inside, my roots? Time to figure out what I can do for a living that would help me feel good and make some use of what I already have inside me, knowledge as well as life experience and my intuition. Where can I find a place to use it for myself and others? I like working with people so there is one thing, just figure out where I could fit in.

Mabon Blasted Beech

Mabon Blasted Beech

Last card in this spread is The Blasted Beech (The Tower) for what I would gain on letting go. Pretty obvious to me at least, and probably for many others who’s been around tarot for some time. Sometimes you have to let go and tear down all belief systems and what you think is good and safe for you. Look at it, and look good, because all your old ruts might not be good for you or carry you forward. You don’t have to make an actual move perhaps to get a change, but change daily habits, get out and look at things in a different way, see what jobs there are out there that you haven’t considered before. But if you’re going out in the rain you better get an umbrella or some clothes that wont leave you soaking wet within five minutes, I’ve been there too.

So, what is it that I should do more for caring and loving myself that also will put focus on my inner and outer needs and can put me on the right path if I’m willing to step outside my boundaries? Who knows, so time to figure it out.


The second spread that made me curious is from the same source but is called My Personal Harvest. Same deck again, just more cards. And maybe some additional insight from the first spread. Bottom card Ten of Wands, top card Seven of Pentacles

Mabon My personal harvest

Mabon My personal harvest



…4 5…..6

Ah, the bottom card from the first spread is showing up in the first position for where I am now in my personal harvesting season, Nine of Pentacles. A woman who seems to be very content in her garden with a bird sitting on her left hand, apparently used to be there and not afraid of her. Since its a nine it usually signify that you’re at the end of a cycle (I’m not that into numerology so don’t expect any fancy interpretations in that way all of a sudden). So I can be content with what I’ve accomplished so far in many ways. There are still things to harvest but there isn’t as much rush around it right now. This is more a time for reflecting, thinking things through and see if there is something I’m missing or needs to be done a little later. Just be here and now, let things seep in and let whatever messages that are on their way come to you in whatever way they choose to come.

My last big harvest is represented by Life Renewed (Judgement) and this is a young girl with a wreath of leaves and flowers in her hair, or maybe a branch that stretches in front of her forehead so it looks like it is a wreath. She holds her right hand outstretched with an acorn in her palm, and it is sprouting. So apparently I’ve done something right along the way. Young one is growing up, getting more secure and finding her way in the world more and more, I’ve seen all the phases of life from seed to dust, and starting all over again and I’m still here to see that seed grow and making her way. But it’s not just about her, it’s about me feeling that I might be able to take new steps out in the world too after all that happened several years ago. We all act differently, and become affected differently. So time to see what will grow from that acorn, a new oak perhaps, but oaks doesn’t grow where I live so there will be something else perhaps?

The third card is about something I can harvest now and is represented by Four of Wands, a card I usually associate with celebrations, fun and friends, or rituals of some sort. Well, as I write this it is Fall Equinox, daughters birthday isn’t that far away so there will be celebrations. And, oh almost forgot, we are going to a baptizing this weekend! So there will be much joy, relaxed environments and happiness. Ok, we are pagans, but that doesn’t matter since it’s daughters big sis who’s baptizing her first, so of course we have to be there even if she isn’t my biological daughter. Time to meet some people I haven’t seen in person or been in touch with, for a long time.

What can I harvest at Samhain position is The Hanged Man. A man who’s very calm and content as most are. At Samhain I could probably harvest something that required that I took a different view on things, see it from another perspective. In some way finding a new way of looking at my own situation and what I might be able to do about it. Not necessarily rushing into that new way of seeing things, but pondering it, looking inside and adjusting to this new picture of my world.

Another card that comes back from the previous spread, The Blasted Beech (The Tower). But this time it is what I have to put aside for the Winter, so what do you put aside for winter when things are falling down around you? Insight, whatever I find out about myself or anything else in the previous position this is what I can work on during the winter. The things I get a new perspective on and no matter how scary it might feel, I have to deal with it. Apparently it’s an aha moment, but nothing I can or will rush into because it will take time to build up this new foundation and stability. Be prepared to handle this new or changed situation.

Mabon Eight of Pentacles

Mabon Eight of Pentacles

Something I need to sow for next year comes in the form of Eight of Pentacles. An earth card for me but apparently a very fiery and creative card for the creator of this deck. This man stands at a fire with a metal plate of some sort, probably still hot since he’s holding it with a pair of pliers. He looks thoughtful, as if he’s trying to figure out how he feels about this ”medallion” he’s just created. Is it good enough or does it need improvement or change? Make a new one? Put my knowledge and experience to work, find a way to put it to use next year when the seeds are sprouting again. Learn what have to be learnt if something is missing, try and try again if you fail. There is always something new to learn and somehow things will turn out good if I only try and not let fear keep me down and away from the possibilities. Keeping my eyes and ears open for whatever comes my way.

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Or Lugh or Lughnasadh was this weekend. The first harvest of the year and we are thankful for what is given so far and what is still to come. Whatever we want to call it or how we decide to celebrate or not, is each and everyone’s business. I read something about this with how we are so centered around these celebrations of the wheel of the year, even when it doesn’t fit in with where we live and the seasons there. I can sort of agree with that writing on Patheos and understand the way he’s thinking. We have to look at where we are living and figure out how this wheel fits in where we live. Where I live it fits in pretty fine, just some adjustments here and there. I might not be able to, or it’s not the right time, to sow some seeds as early as it is said in some texts, but I can think about and imagine those seeds that awaits the coming season instead. Lammas or Lugh is about harvest and it’s easy to start thinking fall and colder weather, but for me living here it’s still a month of summer left even if we can have the first blueberries, strawberries and such. But they are the first harvest and a gift from our Mother. And yes, I’m thankful for it. Here’s a spread I found searching the net, Furioushorde and First Harvest Spread.

Lammas Spread

Lammas Spread

I used Tarot of the Sidhe again by Emily Carding as in the previous post.







Lammas Spread pos 1

Lammas Spread pos 1

1 Glowing. What is the most nourishing fruit (skill, offering to the world, ability) that you carry right now?

The Hermit

A nourishing fruit with this person who usually withdraws from the rest of the world to find inner truths and knowledge? Or just wants to hide from the world? This one is in a boat looking back at us over his/her shoulder and pointing with the right hand towards an island with a single tree at the top and some sort of ”portal” to its right. There is a spiral in the ”water” to the left of the boat and maybe some sort of torch at the bow with an icy blue light. But I would still say that even if it is keeping away from the world, it has a meaning despite it all, to find something that will help others in some way in their lives or on their paths. A deeper knowing that might be lost if you had to stay among the buzz and stir of the ”real” world. That fruit can only be found if I set foot on that island, wherever it is, so I can walk that path up to the tree. Perhaps a visit to that portal too? Lets see where it leads, maybe there is some moment of insight hiding in my mind and heart?

Lammas Spread pos 2

Lammas Spread pos 2

2 First Reaping. What are you harvesting? What are the fruits of your labor? This may include completed projects, overcoming personal obstacles, and abundance of all kinds.

The Empress

What I’m harvesting with The Empress as my guide? She’s standing there clad in the colors and patterns of the Earth, holding a flower in her outstretched left hand, her right hand protectively over her abdomen where a spiral shape is glowing. She’s Goddess and mother, Gaia and whatever names we have given her during all our time here on Earth. I don’t know really what I’m harvesting, but there is something it tells me, something that has been growing and maturing slowly in its own time. No use rushing it because it wouldn’t allow me to anyway. It’s like I’m sucking in all that I need for this fall to come, light, warmth, security, confidence in that whatever I’m going to do will turn out ok. Something tells me that it has something to do with family, well two humans and a cat in this case, and that it is about time to let go now, let the young one stand on her own two feet more, let her find her own way more and more, I will be there for her whenever she needs me, but she’s growing older and must believe in herself now and not hold my hand every step on her way.

Lammas Spread pos 3

Lammas Spread pos 3

3 Scythe. What are the tools at your disposal to gather your harvest? Tools include your professional and personal skills, your magickal practice, and your own perseverance.

The High Priestess

Her hair forms the moon crescent, a rainbow arches between her hands and there is a flame in her abdomen and an open book she’s sitting on. A spiral in the water underneath her. I have knowledge, intuition and creativity to light my way and the way of others if need be. Those are the ones I have to lean on to harvest what is to come. Follow what I belive is the right thing to do and if I need to, look for it in other sources within or without. I’m the priestess and in a physical way the mother, the young one is still a child, a maiden to find her own ways in life one step at a time. Searching for assistance and reassurance from higher powers and that they will watch over my young one as she and her friends starts at a bigger school this fall.

Lammas Spread pos 4

Lammas Spread pos 4

4 Ripening. What is still ripening? What needs time to further mature?

The Sun

With these people spiraling up around the hill towards the tree on the top and the sun surrounding it and a spiral in it there is still a way before we’re up there. There are birds, flowers, dragonflies, a hare and probably all kinds of living and growing things here. The summer isn’t over yet and there is still time to let things come to their fruition and harvest. Play, have fun, move around, look at what is still around you and who is with you. There will be days that you can’t do that because of school and work, but for now, let go and follow the energy.




Lammas Spread pos 5

Lammas Spread pos 5

5 Changing. What is changing within you as the dark of the year waxes?

Dreamer Two ”Half-Moon Truce” (2 of Swords)

Sort of fitting picture for this position. A ”full” moon with half the face dark and half light, underneath a magpie with wings spread and underneath some green mountains. So this is a time of balancing even if the time of the year isn’t really there yet. But even so there are things that might be in the shadow that needs to come out in the light and some things that might have been too obvious to be seen even if they have been right under my nose. It feels like I’m in a position where I have to really think about what I want, where I want to go and do with what I have. Necessary for me and for those around me, but most of all for me. There is something I should do, or need to do that will help me further on even if it might not really seem like it has any importance in the here and now. Strange feeling anyway, I’m going somewhere, and will do something, but I have no idea what it is. Making me a little nervous, but changes always seems to be a little scary even when you now they are for your own good.

Lammas Spread pos 6

Lammas Spread pos 6

6 Giving. What ways can you share your abundance?

Warrior Three ”Alignment” (3 of Wands)

These people are standing in front of a portal where the sun is setting behind it and shines through it and the rays stretching out to make a frame. Above is a crescent and three stars shining. They are hailing the setting sun in some way. It says ”Alignment” on the card. What can I share with this in mind? One of the meanings of the word alignment is to line up, so people in a que waiting to place an order or have some assistance with something? Money isn’t a big asset here so no, I don’t think so, and a fire element isn’t really about economy, more like hands on practical help or assistance with things. Doing things for others, or create something for others. Getting creative? Trying to finish some projects laying around here waiting for the right time perhaps? It wont give me any money, but perhaps joy and happiness for those who are to have it? Requires some creative kicks from me then. And if I had been able to it would have been the perfect time around the blue moon we just had, but next full moon I will try to be finished with one of those projects. I can share my love for friends and family with a touch of Goddess and God, some magical stuff too.

Lammas Spread pos 7

Lammas Spread pos 7

7 Receiving. What do you need to receive more of in your life? In other words, what are you most resistant to changing and accepting in that process of change?

Dreamer Ten ”Desolation” (10 of Swords)

That isn’t the most fun card in the deck, no. For those who’s not familiar with this deck but the RWS, think 10 of Swords there and you’ll get the feeling. The word here is ”Desolation” and it sure looks like that. A bleeding red ”sun” with a several, trees tumbling down, red eyes and a river of ”blood” and hands stretching up from it. I certainly hope I don’t need any more of that energy in my life! No, I think it’s the opposite, I need to change, stop feeling sorry for myself, getting out of my hermit stage and try to do something in the outer world, and it’s scary and turning things around for me in ways I don’t know how they will end up. Even bad situations turns into familiar feelings and actions and whatever is ”normal” for the rest of the world feels frightening for those who doesn’t know any other. Even if I don’t like to look in the book for help I did, and it is much more clear to me and puts my feelings into words that I didn’t find myself. Some of the keywords are: Endings, Depression, Death, Clearing and there is a short poem to each card and this one is, and for me it’s so obvious:

”So all must bleed and melt away,

Before the dawning of the day,

The tree must fall in land forlorn,

This Dream must die to be reborn…”

Lammas Spread pos 8

Lammas Spread pos 8

8 Descending. As the dark year waxes, what do you need to focus on between now and the Autumnal Equinox to prepare?

Warrior Two ”Power Awakes” (2 of Wands)

Here we have a male figure sitting crossed legged or standing in some sort of balancing act with arms crossed and from each hand there is fire energy going out forming dragons crossing each other. He is standing/sitting where the road parts and you have to choose where to go, left, right or stay there. Going back is also an alternative, but I don’t think you would be allowed to do that when you get here. This is what I have to focus on between now and the Autumnal Equinox, what road will I follow? I don’t have to decide here and now, but I need to think it over, meditate on it and perhaps do a spread or two, think out loud with friends if need be. Power Awakes the card says and I think so too, something is waking up and I have no choice left now, it’s either right or left and no turning back. I don’t think it’s a matter of right or wrong either, just a choice to carry me forward and see where we end up.

Lots of things to think of, see where some of these happenings will bring us as a family and as individuals. Sorting things out during the days to come and be more open to what I feel, also signs around me that will be special, symbolic, for me.



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